Spoilt brat Mrs T, spoilt brat!

Food for me is at the centre of everything. It brings families together for a good chin wag at the end of a busy day, warms hearts and hangovers on a Sunday and always provides a back drop to a good girlie catch up so it makes sense that I spend a lot of time trying to make things to eat. The difference being in recent weeks that these (sometimes) edible offerings are aimed at putting a smile on other peoples faces rather than my own so the usual slap dash approach to presentation gets a ‘C- must try harder’ !

The whole ‘eat with your eyes’ approach began a couple of weeks back with the wonderful ‘MacMillan Coffee Morning’. An event close to my heart after loosing my Mother to Cancer almost 4 years ago. With my desire to raise money and (if I’m honest) have people compliment me on my delectable bakes, I set out at 6:30pm whipping up a tasty basic sponge and subsequently spent the next 4 hours carefully cutting out ready made icing in white and green  to decorate. Having discovered early on that I didn’t own the necessary cutters, I settled on using a champagne flute and the top off of spray oil as you do! As I wiped my weary brow and forced MrT to fawn over my cakes, a nagging feeling pulled at my heart strings ‘What if someone else’s are better than mine?’ childish I knew but did I care? Nahhhhh! 

So to work I went clutching my 3 tubs full of Mary Berry wannabes….and in bounds Smiley with her 4 tubs of buttercream coated mountains of cake and my heart sank. I sat in the corner like the petulant 4 year old I was, as everyone admired the clashing colours of the jelly sweet covered sponges. Gutted, absolutely gutted!

The coffee morning was a huge success and raised lots of money for a very good cause but still… that’s not the point, well it is the point bu…- my ‘try- hard’ efforts had been overlooked in favour of an others. Spoilt brat MrsT! Spoilt brat!  

If I’m honest, I know my (not that I like to admit to having one) competitive streak will always turn me into a spoilt 4 year old who tries to silently outdo others but so long as it remains ‘silent’ is it really a problem? Doesn’t it just push me on to ‘try-harder’?

Answers on a postcard please!


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