Preserve Perfection!

So…. day 2 and post 2!

I realise I am posting rather quickly but such is the flush of new romance (I’m sure in a few weeks you will be lucky if I scrape together a few words a fortnight!)

I thought for this blog I would tell you a little more about me. I live in a small town on the edge of the b.e.a.u.tiful Lake District where I moved 7 years ago to develop my career as a primary school teacher and ended up meeting and marrying MrT (or Mr Right as he likes to call himself!). The rest, as they say, is history.

Moving to a new town in my mid- twenties, ALONE, was a daunting and life changing bump in my otherwise smooth bumpy journey to where I am today- a 30something, married, cat loving, food eating, stressed but happy teacher.

I come from a good- sized and extremely close and loving family so it was lucky for me that the saying-

The best part of life is when your family becomes your friends, and your friends become your family

came true and it is this that forms the backdrop of my post today.

There are 5 of us ‘girlies’ altogether. We come from a variety of backgrounds, careers and interests but we have 1 big thing in common- FOOD!!!! We manage to keep our friendship tight, despite our stressful and hectic schedules, by meeting regularly for tea and cakes or meals because, lets face it, everyone has to eat!!

The most recent ‘catch- up’ was to celebrate my B-day and coincided with ‘Taste Cumbria Food Festival’ YUM!!! Add to this the fact there is a huge champers tent and you had us at ‘Hello’!!!!


Now, a few people in the town of Cockermouth can be found grumbling and moaning at this time of year about the time it takes to get around town or the fact that, for one weekend a year, people are more interested in James Martin than William Wordsworth but not me!!! Stall upon stall of yummy bakes, fresh fish, amazing pates and cheeses and did I mention the champers tent?! WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE? HEAVEN!

After a few bottles glasses of champers and a spot of celeb chef spotting….ahhem..Paul Rankin… (name drop there!!) we headed out to the stalls and I decided I would challenge myself and my taste buds to try something different…well, different for me. I should clarify here that, whilst I adore food and am by no means a picky eater, I know what I like and I’m usually excited by seeing my favourite foods on a menu not a new or ‘interesting’ taste sensation!

My lovely and well informed friends had purchased me a hamper from a deli in our town packed full of my favourite things and pride of place was a huge chunk of goats cheese!!!! As I perused the offering on a preserves stalls my eyes fell upon ‘Plum Chutney’ made by a lovely local lady named Jill Johnston and it looked just the part to accompany my goats cheese and for fill my challenge brief- woohoo! (I am sure by many of your standards this is nothing but I was venturing outside of the red onion family here!)

I must say- I was very pleasantly surprised by just how tasty the chutney was and suffice to say it has all been gobbled up already! The true joy found by the purchase of the chutney though was Jill. A friendly lady who shared her story of how she became a professional preserver (not sure if that’s a real thing but you know what I mean) and she has inspired me to try and make my own chutneys and preserves. I have begun my ‘pinterest’ research with gusto and will keep you posted on my progress in the word of pickled veg- and just in time for christmas too… lucky lot!


What new things are you trying hard to master?

Until next time…. Mrs T x


4 thoughts on “Preserve Perfection!

  1. Love your blog!!! If you are serious about doing preserves and things my brother is awesome at making strawberry jam! Just if you wanted any tips!!! Keep up with the blog! Lots of love xx

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