Autumn days when the grass is green… and the sausages are only 29p!

Today’s post is inspired by the Daily Prompt which got me thinking about my most favourite time of the year- Autumn!!!! I know many of you out there will be thinking ‘ughhh cold, rainy, miserable and yuck!’ but I would rather wrap up warm and pull on my wellies than stress over ‘is it flip-flop weather or not?’ or ‘will I need my brolly?’- in my mind, you know where you are with the cold!

Autumn days bring back warm family memories of fun and frolics- kicking leaves, jumping in puddles, conker fights……yeah, yeah nostalgia is a wonderful feeling but as soon as the weather and the leaves turn I know that my favourite time of the year is here! It starts with my birthday in September, then we have Halloween and Bonfire Night and once those autumnal celebrations are over for another year we begin the lead-up to Christmas- truly ‘The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!’

These celebrations, where you get to wrap up warm and drink hot chocolate, are where it’s at for me! Nothing beats the feeling of standing in the freezing cold in Memorial Park (bonfires are too much of a H&S risk these days…weep!) oooing and ahhhring at the flashes of brilliant colour against the black night sky whilst enjoying that snuggly feeling of itchy scarves and restricting mittens!

As a 30something I often scald myself at just how excited I get when I dream of the Hot Pots and casseroles, stews and roast to be cooked and eaten and the smells which accompany them- surely there is more to my 30? Apparently not! In the run up to Christmas this year, we are truly being squeezed for money as I am sure many of you are- damn economy- and Mr T and I are often found perusing the reduced shelf in Saino’s (‘not that hard-up’ I hear you cry, but it is the only supermarket in our town- ASDA was apparently scared off by the looming middle classes of Cockermouth!)

It is extremely depressing to admit, that these days I have to stifle the ‘YES!’ as I spot a yellow sticker on a jar of pickled anchovies- who buys that stuff? Certainly not me so why the enthusiasm? Whilst I generally subscribe to the ‘every penny counts’ camp, I must also admit that we I have become a bit of a ‘reduced snob’ and can often be found shaking my head and pursing my lips in an ‘oh no, no, no, that will never do’ fashion when the 20 pence they have deigned to take of the ‘going out of date today’ calfs liver just doesn’t cut the mustard- I mean, if you want shut of the stuff then at least knock a quid off it!!!

So, it is in the spirit of ‘economy’ that I have lovingly made tonight’s tea- a yummy, heartwarming and autumnal sausage casserole! I never use a casserole mix as I think it is easy enough to make myself and (yep you guessed it) saves me money!

For those who are interested here is my recipe and method-

(serves 2 greedy gets or 4 people who can practice portion control!)

2 large carrots (scrapped and chopped) , 1 medium onion (peeled and chunky chopped), 2 bay leaves , ½ pint of boiling water, 2 heaped tblsp of plain flour to thicken, 1 beef stock or OXO cube, a generous squeeze of tomato puree (at least a good tbsp worth), 1 pack of 8 sausages.

Place all ingredients in a casserole dish with lid and place in the over at 180 for approx. 40 mins- top up with water if needed. You may like to brown your sausages first, I don’t but I do remove the lid for about 15 mins to allow them to colour as there is nothing worse than beige sausage is there?! Serve with mash and pour over the excess gravy- YUM!


Well…. we have enjoyed our cheep as (but not quite) chips tea.

How are you trying hard to save money?

All and any tips welcome!

I’m off to jump in some leaves!

Mrs T x


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