De-funked de-junk!

Over the weekend I continued the harrowing, enlightening and entertaining process that is sorting my mum’s house out- yes I know it has been 4 years, yes I know I should have it all done already, yes, yes I know!!! But I haven’t, so there!!!

It has been a laborious task partly because I constantly resist doing it and partly because (whilst not a hoarder in the T.V. reality series sense) my mum liked to keep things because they ‘might come in handy’! Hence, we have a house full of school planning, Junior Ed’s from the past 40 years, children’s exercise books from 1974 (the child adult probably chucked their own stash of primary school books years back) and photos! Oh the photos- millions! I usually end up sat crossed legged laughing and crying simultaneously at my mum and dad’s curly perms or my cousins daft face whilst wearing his sisters riding hat or commenting on how often Our A was in her nude as a toddler (I swear a future lifestyle choice as a naturist is yet to reveal it’s self- if you’re reading this- stay away from ‘those’ beaches!)

It is rather ironic then, that it was as we were sorting through box upon box of ‘stuff’ that Mr T uncovered a book. A book so aptly titled ‘How to say de-junked forever’. The title implies you were ‘de-junked’ in the first place- something my mother most definitely wasn’t! I’m not sure my mum ever read the book but I do love the fact that the ‘Life Laundry’ (BBC) ladies face smiles brightly amongst the junk she (well her book) is now part of! Love you mother!


I adore, love and respect my mother to bits- she is on the highest pedestal anyone could be on and nothing will ever knock her off it but, whilst there are many, many qualities of hers I aspire to copy, her lack of ‘de-junking’ isn’t one of them. I always remember watching ‘Life Laundry’ and seeing the emotional baggage the people had collected come pouring out of them as they ‘de-junked’. It struck me as a harrowing process. It is. Going through my mum’s life cripples me but also galvanises me to keep in control of my hoarding tendencies and foster the ‘Virgo’ traits I also posses. Like my mother I do attach memories and emotions to objects- I am very sentimental and I love that about me but I also try hard to keep my house tidy and regularly go through my wardrobe and cupboards but, as a teacher, just like my mother, I always seem to acquire ‘stuff’.

Most of the ‘stuff’ that clutters up my…ahhem… ‘office’ is paper. As a household we do try to recycle and always put our paper bin out but I still seem to find myself every half term drowning in the stuff.

Our struggle to recycle, despite trying hard, is maybe something to do with the fact Daisy thinks the basket is a bed?


What do you think?! She is cute though!

Recycle, reuse, reduce kids!

Any de-junking tips are greatly received- I’m sure you’ve gathered that they don’t come naturally!

Mrs T x


3 thoughts on “De-funked de-junk!

  1. I could do with that book as I start to pack for moving!!!!! I hav sooooo many paintings and pictures that my little princess has done I have got the heart to throw away! Even if they are just a scribble in the middle of the page!
    Loved ur mum! She was soooo cool! God knows what she would hav thought of me with my random hairstyles that I have gone through once becoming a mum! She would probably laugh coz I think she thought I was nuts anyway! Keep up the blog! I love it xx

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