Will you still need me? Will you still feed me (apple cake)? When I’m 68?

Today I have mostly been catching up on Sky 1’s ‘The Face’ and making an apple and cinnamon sponge cake but more about that later.

You may ask yourself ‘How does a teacher have time to do such things on a school day?’…the answer to this my friends is….I’m on strike! I must admit, it has taken all of my moral strength to refrain from catching up on school work and stay in front of the T.V. today as I have been ‘directed’ not to do anything ‘school’ related, but, shockingly, however charming Naomi Campbell et al are, they are not the reason I chose to remain home today.

I love teaching and get up every morning looking forward to going into school and doing one of the most amazing jobs in the world but to teach is a bit like being a wedding photographer…everyone thinks it is easy, everyone thinks they could do it…that is until someone books you to do their wedding, you realise it’s damn hard, you’re not very good and the poor gets are stuck with the results for the rest of their lives!

There is a reason a Degree or further is required to become a teacher- it is a demanding PROFESSION and excellence is always required, our children deserve nothing less but these days it feels more like the ‘Gove’rnment (see what I did there?!) are one of the people looking to book any old ‘iPhone snapper’ to teach and are in the ‘stop moaning, anyone could do it’ camp.

To strike or not to strike is a question all of us, in the public sector anyway, face at some time or other and it would appear to me that teachers have been faced with it much more in recent years ( cough…Gove…) but it is never one we take lightly. I appreciate the need for child care can be an issue for some people but if we didn’t cause an inconvenience then what would be the point? Who would notice? It’s like people who moan ‘They could of picked a better time’ about Tube staff striking on NYE…well, no actually, for the purposes of a strike, they couldn’t!!

There are many, many reasons I have chosen to strike today (mostly summed up very nicely by my fellow blogger ‘The Hippy Geek’ here) but regardless of the reasons, I strongly believe I have the right to strike and shouldn’t get abuse for it from people who I would consider friends. This hasn’t been the case today.

The whole ‘What am I supposed to do with my child while I go to work?’ issue became a major rant about how inconsiderate teachers are and how they (a nurse) would never strike as they think it is irresponsible. Now, as much as I value my right to strike, I also value others not to. I admire and respect the hardworking and often undervalued nurses we are lucky to have as part of the NHS in our country (one of my best friends is an amazing nurse and I wouldn’t swap a class from hell with her endless nightshifts for all the tea in China) but it’s not a competition about which public sector workers are the most committed or the hardest done to.

Surely we’re not the bad guys here or have I (and many of my colleagues across the country) got it very wrong?

Maybe my nurse ‘friend’ doesn’t feel as despondent about the state of the NHS due to the fact that The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP is easier on the eye than Goblin Gove and thus less likely to become a beacon of hate? (Did I just say that? Yep… I think I did…but really…who would you rather?!)

Anyway chucks, back to the good ‘ol food. I hope I’m still able to feed myself this delicious cake when I’m 68- which, btw, is the age I’ll be able to draw my pension and retire- cheers Coalition, cheers!

I was given some cooking apples from my Head’s tree the other day and you know me…every penny counts…decided to make an apple cake.


Not having a recipe for one in any of my books was no problem as there was this new fan-dangled thing called the internet at my fingertips! Low and behold a recipe I liked the sound of popped up. Minimal effort, I had all of the ingredients and I could try hard to do it justice. If you would like to have a go at the cinnamon and apple sponge cake I made today then click here and have a nose at none other than Nigella’s ‘Community Recipe’ page. It has proven to be the perfect antidote to my strike-day blues!

We’ve just had a slice for our pudding and I tell you- it beats the average ‘apple for the teacher’ any day! Yum!


Do you ever try hard to do the right thing only for others to pull you down?

How do you respond to it?

Mrs T x


5 thoughts on “Will you still need me? Will you still feed me (apple cake)? When I’m 68?

  1. Reblogged this on The Hippy Geek and commented:
    After a blazing row with my father over how teachers are self important ****s who are only striking because they feel they deserve more than everybody else and don’t live in the ‘real world’ (Look! Look how proud he is of his daughter getting a degree, finding a stable job and making a difference to people’s lives! Just look. Oh. Never mind), I genuinely don’t have the energy to argue my point anymore. However, I found massive solace in this lovely lady’s blog post who spent her day making cake. Cake is good. I ate cake today. However, I did spend rather a large percentage of the day getting through a pile of planning and marking. BUT, that does mean I don’t have to do as much this weekend which means I can spend some time taking my kids out for a proper walk in the woods.

  2. I love this post. I also spent the strike day guilt racked because I hadn’t done any work. On my way into town later I had the joy of reading about the strike in the London Evening Standard. Two articles were posted: one which demonstrated an excellent example of bias within a supposedly neutral report and the second which was an opinion article by David Laws. This annoyed me twofold. Firstly, because he failed to mention the excellent point you made about retiring at 68, but also because he implied that teachers were being selfish for the impact it had on parents. Some of my colleagues were students during the week long strikes of the past and felt the negative impact of these, however this was a one day action and was just so to avoid any major knock on issues it could cause.

    Also I loved your comparison to a wedding photographer. Absolutely spot on.

    • Nothing like a bit of teacher hating bias in the press!! Was very annoyed later on when I read that Cameron had commented ‘strike action caused a disruption to children’s education’- stank of hypocrisy when you consider he has no problem closing half if the nations schools to be polling stations! Thanks for your comment- nice to know people read it!

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