Lasagne Soup

It’s raining, it’s pouring and my tummy is a calling!!!
I don’t know about you but I can think of nothing worse on a miserable Friday than to have to cook from scratch! We had spag bol the other night and, whilst MrT did an exceptionally tasty version, he also made a feast! Nestled away in some Tupperware in the corner of the fridge are the left overs and this recipe is where they are headed!!
I’ve never thought to make a soup using bolognese before but this sounds amazing!
Just the thing to fill the tum before we snuggle up in the onesies for the night!
Happy Friday peeps!
Mrs T x

Mikey's In My Kitchen



Fall has come to Chicago.

It is cold, rainy and super blustery.

It smells like wet leaves and soggy grass and I am SO in love.

I busted out my scarves, jackets, hats and boots and have already made a few different pots of soup. This hearty lasagna soup is perfect for these cold, overcast days – AND, Mikey was obsessed with it (because lets be honest, Mikey is obsessed with anything in a red sauce/Italian seasonings).

Hope you are enjoying your fall so far…go make some soup!





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