First flushes of new love wearing thin?

So… I did warn you this would happen! A fortnight into blogging and over a week with no post…’lazy‘ some would say, ‘lost interest‘ others might whisper but the truth is I have been without t’internet (apart from on my phone) for the best part of the half term week.

Excuses, excuses I hear you cry and you would be right- yes I could of blogged from my phone (as I am doing now) or I could of sat up when I finally got home late on last night BUT I didn’t!!

I value you far to much, oh dear readers, (I am presuming I have some- big presumption I know but hey, I’m a glass half full kinda gal!) to do a half a*sed job and, truth be told, I like the ritual of sitting at my kitchen table with a steaming cuppa as I perfect my offering- this I shall endeavour to do tomorrow, promise (and I do try hard to keep my promises!)

Until tomorrow…

Mrs T x


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