Waste Not, Want Not

The other night I indulged Mr T for an hour and sat through an episode of Karl Pilkington’s ‘The Moaning of Life’. Now, it’s not that I don’t like the man, he has an unabashed knack for stating the obvious and saying what everyone is thinking to a level I applaud, it’s just not my usual T.V. cup of tea!

Whilst I was half watching and half ‘pinning’ it struck me that this episode was well timed to coincide with the recent news article regarding TESCO’s admission that

..it generated almost 30,000 tonnes of food waste in the first six months of 2013.

To be honest, whilst I am horrified by the level of waste, I’m not surprised, those of you who have read my blog will have picked up that food wastage is a bug-bear of mine (click here to read more from me). We have become a throw away society where little attention is given to anything deemed ‘past it’ (read into this what you will)

The Guardian published an excellent report on the global issue earlier last week which you can read at your leisure by clicking here.

In a slightly less ‘highbrow’, yet equally enlightening, comment on the topic of food waste, Mr Pilkington takes time out of the daily grind to follow a guy who has ‘dropped-out’ of the preverbal rat race in order to lead a less stressful and more intrinsically happy life (something I can relate to after 5 hours of school work today, let me tell you!).

Whilst exploring the issue of just how one goes about living without money (lets face it, most of us ‘rat racers’ are also wondering just how to go about this at the moment thanks to the economy) Karl has his eyes opened to the issue of food wastage when they discover box upon box of perfectly fine and untouched takeaway pizzas in the bin.

How can we, as an apparently civilised society, justify this? Surely there are people out there who would give their right arm for a warm and filling meal? Food-banks are being heavily relied upon and emptied on a regular basis right here in the U.K.

I in no way mean to offer a solution here in this blog but it does prompt me to think and try harder to save and cut down on our households food wastage.

With this in mind my eyes fell upon the fruit bowl yesterday, where, a beautiful, bruised and browning bunch of bananas were living. Rather than chucking them in the bin I googled a banana bread recipe and set about baking! Image

Even if I do say so myself, the first slice was YUM, the second slice was even tastier and the slice for breakfast this morning was delish! The hubbie and I are rapidly approaching the point of banana bread overload but it is a recipe I shall make again for sure!

How will you try to reduce food waste?

Do you have an opinion on the issue you’d care to share? If so, please leave me a comment 🙂

Happy Sunday

Mrs T x


One thought on “Waste Not, Want Not

  1. Couldn’t agree more Mrs T. Use by dates are an annoyance as there is often life in the old dog/carrot/mince yet!! Congrats on the blog. Am loving it. Will try the banana bread at some point…I have a gorge recipe coming up on Friday! Xx

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