Age ‘Concern’? Yes I have a few…

Over the Half Term week Mr T, wonderful family members and myself got well and truly stuck into the task of sorting, clearing and storing things from my mother’s house. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not a task I relish!

We have given away many items to good homes, recycled an abundance of paper and inundated the local charity shops with most of the rest and it is this issue I wish to quietly rant about today.

I’m all for reusing and grew up wearing and playing with most of my cousins, mum’s friends and even taxi drivers children’s hand-me downs. It is not this element I have issues with here.

In today’s economic and Eco climate I feel we (myself included) should be making more of an effort to peruse and purchase others pre- loved ‘junk’ before buying and creating more of our own.

Anyway, I digress (into a semi political direction)… When I was last down at my mum’s a few weeks back I popped a few (read 9) bags of clothing and other prize goodies into the local ‘AgeUK’ 20131104-204825.jpg

shop which had an appeal for more stock posted in its window. The lady who greeted me was very kind, appreciative and understanding as she handed me the Gift Aid form to fill out.

Gift Aid, btw, is something I always tick and wish I didn’t have to- I feel rotten that charities have to resort to such measures to increase their donation total- but am very glad exists.

I was quite impressed, to tell you the truth, that all of the items I had donated would be labelled with my unique Gift Aid code on them so any tax profits could be reclaimed and left the shop with an intrinsic sense that all was well with the world (imagine air kick Mary Poppins style here)

That is until I received THE email!

Today I clicked the open button and was outraged and honestly shocked that charities were having to do such a thing as offer the money they had made on the items I had donated BACK to me!!!! Who donates something and then thinks 10 days later ‘actually, yeah, I’m a bit strapped for cash this month so I’ll have that £3.50 I donated to charity back please’ ?????

image-13 copy

People don’t pop a quid in the Poppy Appeal box and then try and fish it back out with a          pin do they? NO of course they don’t!!!

I’m sure there is some really sound legal reason behind AgeUK having to offer me the   money but does it make it morally right that we subject charities, who are set up to help and support some of the most vulnerable members of our society, to such a humiliating task?

I, for one, will continue to donate and tick the Gift Aid box but AgeUK can rest easy as I will, in no way, shape or form, be begging the money back!

Even in such hard- up times as these, there is aways someone worse off than you and AgeUK (and other wonderful charities, who, I would presume also have to undertake such red tape tasks) I salute you!

Many thanks for indulging my moan peeps but I was shocked to find out about this and would imagine many of you are unaware of it also.

Until the next rant….
Mrs T x


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