Marmalade fit for Paddington…if he also loves cheese!

Tadaaaaa!!! Behold, the most perfect preserve! I’m also loving the cute tags made using some of the Kirsty Allsop range.


A while ago I blogged about meeting Jill of ‘Jill’s Jams’ fame and how she had inspired me to try and make my own preserves and this follow on post has been a long time coming but you know what they say…

‘all good things come to those who wait’

After searching for inspiration and a method which required little of the normal jam- making paraphernalia (cheep is the way after all!) I decided that chutneys were the way forward. I was a bit down hearted as I was really hoping to make a yummy marmalade to spread on my toast for breakfast but at least this way I could fulfil my aim of making or home enhancing all of my Christmas presents this year (oooo I bet you lot can’t wait can you, you lucky ducks!)

As I said last time, the ‘Pinterest’ research commenced and I stumbled upon a recipe I liked the look of just as I was about to drop of to sleep! (anyone else spend hours once they have tucked themselves up in bed, glued to ‘Pinterest’ or is it just me?)

Now, I know Paddington Bear looooves marmalade like I love cups of tea as he was a huge childhood hero of mine and so I jumped for joy when I realised the chutney I was aiming to make was, in fact, labelled as a ‘marmalade’! I was able to feel joy at the prospect of making something I really wanted to whilst also…ahem…selflessly making a gift for someone else.

The recipe pinned from was easy to follow, required few ingredients and I was very pleased when my ‘try-hard’ efforts looked as though they were paying off and quick! 


Due to the citrus juice (I’m no scientist but I think this is a pretty reasonable guess!) the mixture began to break down and ‘ferment’, not sure if that is the correct term but again, I think it’s a decent guess (you can tell I’m an expert at this!) before I had even put it on the heat!

Although it has been sat in my fridge for a over a week now, I finally got the chance to try some of it at the weekend as I had been holding out for a strong cheese worthy of my delectable ‘Orange and Carrot Marmalade’ and it was mighty fine indeed!


If you like a chutney to have a sweetness and a hint of spice to it then this is the one for you! Click here if you fancy giving it ago yourselves, it is very tasty and has a subtle Christmasey smell about it as it is fragrance with cardamon and ginger- perfect for this time of year!

I would like to say that Mrs Try-hard has, in this case, succeeded!

What have been your latest triumphs?

Have you tried to make a preserve and think I should have a go at it too?

If so then leave me a comment or link and I’ll certainly ‘try’ to give it at go!

Until my next, ahem, success!

Mrs T x


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