Currently…October link-up

Wowzer- I’m getting good at this link-up thingy! i’m loving how easy it is to keep my blog up to date for all of you lovely readers and help to organise my thoughts and time in one fell swoop!

Life is getting a bit hectic at the minute for the Try-hards- we are about to complete on my mother’s house this Friday (those of you who have read my previous posts will know this has been a long, long time coming) and we had to spend all weekend cleaning and sorting the last of the bits out. I couldn’t have managed without my amazing husband who has kept me motivated and drove a total of 10 hours in 2 days over 2 round trips AND done numerous tip runs- what a man!!!! My family have been wonderful as usual and I was humbled to receive a picture of them mopping the floors while i was busy teaching my littlies today.

So whilst all of this is going on Mr T and I are also in the process of selling our own house and hoping to complete on our dream house by the end of the month- we don’t do things by halves!!! School work most definitely hasn’t taken a back seat as so much as a late- night time slot!

Keeping my life organised and focused is a challenge at the minute but things like this ‘Currently…’ link up with Farley are making my try-hard efforts much easier.

Lets take a look shall we… I am Slide1

Hum…. did anyone hear me mention that i got a Cath Kidston voucher for my Birthday? No…I didn’t think I’d mentioned it! MrT in all his awesomeness got me a voucher for my Birthday- lovely of him you may say…and indeed the email was!!! Yep you read that right… the EMAIL!!! Not only did I have nothing but the email to open on one of my most favourite days of the whole entire year but I also didn’t get my card until the next morning!!! I did, however, have an amazing, relaxing and very tasty day with my beloved husband so i can’t complain (too loudly!).

Anyway- enough about my treat… here is the one i promised you guys. Just click on the link in blue below and save to use as an extra spooktastic desktop for the Halloween week- here’s hoping it will keep me organised! Let me know how it works for you.


Treat Background

(Credit where credit is due- thanks to TeacherKarma and StripedElephants for their mega cute clip art)

How do you juggle all of your plates?

What do you prioritise?

Until the next blog (which at my current rate will be pretty soon!)

Mrs T Xx


4 thoughts on “Currently…October link-up

  1. I’m loving Meghan Trainor so, so much these days, too!

    Sounds like your family is in the midst of some exciting, but stressful changes! Good luck with your mother’s house and selling your own!


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