I am a terrible blogger…. or am I?

I made the promise that I would blog at least once a month and I have failed miserably….or have I?!

As I mentioned in a post a few months ago, I have been testing out the world of virtual teaching to branch out and take control of my CPD. I have not only established an amazing online support network but have also created a teacher blog- yay me!

Yes I know I haven’t blogged over here once a month but I have been being an awesome teacher blogger over on my year2tastic blog where I have been posting at least ONCE A WEEK!!!!!! Please don’t hate me!

Anyways…things keep popping into my mind and I want to blog about them however they totally don’t belong over on year2tastic so where oh where could I blog about them???!! Ah ha!!!! Duh- my beloved first blog of course!

So I yet again humbly ask for your forgiveness and point out the title of my blog to back me up- confessions of a try-hard!

Here is to me keeping my promise and visiting here with ace content far more often than I have been….in the mean time feel free to visit my teacher blog at year2tastic  

Catch you soon friends

Mrs T Xx


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