My Empire (or office- whichever!)  

2 months ago we moved into a new house, our dream house!  


Whilst we lost a bedroom we gained space everywhere else and……a garden!!!!!! Our beautiful old home had a tiny yard with an access lane at the end of it- totes private!!!!!! Not that I’m bragging (well maybe a little) but the new garden also comes with out building and a stable- Daddy still hasn’t bought me a pony *weep* and it is in one of these buildings that I am getting an office!!!!!!!

I can’t wait!! It’s going to have a sofa and TV in there so I can snuggle up with the laptop and plan school stuff and a desktop so I can create my clip art and teacherspayteachers products comfortably- it is going to be my very own Britas Empire (anyone else remember that show or is it just me?!) 

So to the fun stuff- colour schemes, accessories, organisation, Pinterest and Ikea visits!!!!! 

I’m kinda tied to a colour scheme that includes red as the sofabed is red- yawn- and Mr T wants some blue and white in there so some of the stuff from our old office room can be used in there… I hears ya but come on!!!!! I was thinking coral, mint, cream, rose and GOLD!!!!!!! WORK WITH ME PEOPLE!!!!! I’m just not sure my dream Kate Spade office accessories will match- such a first world problem!!!!!! 

Anyways- here is the colour scheme I’ve opted for-   


Gold will still totally work right? Please, please, please say yes!!!! Mr T doesn’t get why I need the teal and mustard in there too but then he doesn’t get why I spend £25 getting my nails done every 3 weeks either and tbh I’m sick of explaining ‘because’! 

I also fully intend on some cute wall art and inspirational quotes- gotta love an inspirational quote haven’t you Andrea?! I’ve got some on the way from The Night Owl which are all teacher’fied- loving it! I’m also putting my teenage CD player in there (it’s so old school that it still has a double tape deck that works! Woohoo!) and all my books- this is my office, I have to defend it!!! 

I’m totally going to try hard to keep all of my school work to the office too- I’ve tried this before but it has always spilled over into the living room- I’m hoping that as it’s a totally different building then I will manage to contain it! 

How do you organise your school work at home? 

Do you have any home office tips I should try hard to follow?

I can’t wait to get started…now to find the door key…oops!!! 

Mrs T Xx



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