Whole 30 and Me!


It is Bank Holiday Monday, I am sat here watching Avengers Assemble having just polished of a beef chow mein and I’m about to put together an eating plan for my first week of Whole 30.

‘What is Whole 30?’ you might ask- well I am by no means an expert as this is all new to me too and I am hoping to learn more as I go along. If, as they say,  you would like to hear the answer straight from the horse’s mouth then click here and visit the official website.

However, here is my layman’s Whole 30 run down as far as I have gleaned-

It isn’t a diet or calorie counting eating plan or even a detox, what it is is a break. A break from processed, additive and sugar filled foods and a chance to figure out what types of food your body loves and what it does not. Basically, you eat WHOLE foods for 30 days- no sugar, no legumes or wheat, no alcohol, dairy products or added fats- JUST GOOD FOOD!

You are encouraged to eat 3 meals a day consisting of foods which will fuel you enough to sustain activity without snacking until the next meal. By all accounts, following the plan leaves you feeling full of energy, less sluggish or bloated and more in control of your food choices.

I am going to start on Tuesday 2nd June as I have prior engagements this coming weekend which will get in the way of my food plan but I have already begun preparing by researching recipes and ideas.

I am sure that many of the things I have come across will be delicious and I’m certain Mr T will love them too but I am a little stuck with breakfast. I’m not keen on eating lots of eggs a day and most breakfast ideas contain them but I know I need to eat more than just fruit so any and all ideas would be welcomed.

I will check-in here every weekend with reviews of meal ideas I have discovered or tried along with an honest overview of my week- highs, lows, tantrums- the LOT!

Here’s hoping I will make it to day 30 having enjoyed the challenge- I’ll certainly try hard to anyway!

Have you tried Whole 30?

Do you have any tips for a first-timer?

Until Sunday

Mrs T Xx


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