Whole 30 and Me: Getting week 1 ready

Whole30wk1It’s getting closer! On Tuesday I start my first ever Whole 30 and I must say….I’m excited!

I’m nervous that I am going to slip up some where and, despite trying hard not to, I’ll put all of my hard work at jeopardy so, like all good Girl Guides, I’m going to be prepared.

I’ve scheduled a shopping trip in on Monday night and I’ve written my shopping list ready.

To help focus my mind I’ve made a menu for the first 4 days –


Everything on my menu is food I love and I’ve tried to make sure that each dish is flavourful and colourful. I’m very excited about my Jerk chicken meal as I love the flavours and sweet potato is one of my faves. The grilled pineapple will just add a bit of crunch, colour and zing to the dish.

Another dish I’m looking forward to is my beetroot salad – I love the crunch you get from romaine lettuce so will opt for this with all of my favourite salad veggies including sugar-snap peas to form a filling backdrop for my freshly sliced beetroot and roughly chopped walnuts drizzled lightly with balsamic vinegar – I would normally wolf this down with some goats cheese but I know I’ll still love this Whole 30 version just as much!

Mr T is totally on board and, whilst he isn’t going full Whole 30, he is going to eat the same evening meals as me and won’t be eating bread for the duration – bonus!

Can you spot any issues with my first 4 days?

Any and all help for this 30-firstie would be very much appreciated!

Check in next Friday for pictures, recipes and review of how my first 4 days have gone

Mrs T Xx


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