Whole 30 and Me: 4 days in


Let me tell you- my meals have been yummy but it’s been a struggle at times!

I’m sure if you come from a mainly whole foods/ Paleo dietary background then the adjustment to Whole 30 eating wouldn’t be such a slog as it has for this pasta loving, toast munching, potato piling girl!! Today (day 4) is the first day that I haven’t felt hungry between meals and I think this is because I’ve listened to my body and I’ve tried hard to respond to it.

I’ve learnt a lot already –

  1. I need a filling breakfast
  2. Nuts are my friend
  3. I’m going to get sick of sweet potato pretty quickly
  4. I don’t miss milk that much
  5. This is actually going to be fun

Breakfast – my usual diet consisted of either a bowl of Fruit & Fiber or 2 rounds of toast with marmalade so switching to whole 30 has meant that I’ve seriously had to change my habits! I started day 1 with fruit which was yum but not filling enough so as the week has gone on, I’ve upped my breakfast intake and found this has curbed the 10 o’clock rumblings.

Nuts – In school we have morning break at 10:45 and our staffroom always has biscuits! Usually I’d grab one or 2 with a cup of milky tea…bring on the nuts! Firstly, they don’t go with tea so it means I don’t crave my morning cuppa and secondly, they give me something quick and easy to snack on whilst everyone else is munching a biscuit! Sorted!

Sweet potato – As you will see in my meal pics, I’ve eaten a couple of meals with them in. Now, I love sweet potatoes but if I carry on at this rate, they will become less of the yummy treat I currently see them as and more of a boring staple in my diet, something I don’t want to happen (any and all alternatives for bulking up evening meals are welcome!)

Milk – I’m not a big milk lover but I do rely on my milky cups of tea at 3 crucial points in the day- answer- drink Lady Grey tea! It has a yummy orange/citrus tang to it and you most certainly cannot add milk!

And now to the fun- thinking of yummy meals! Here are mine from my first 4 days- Hidden under all of the salad stuff are 2 slices of thick ham- simple but tasty! My evening meal was delicious – jerk chicken, sweet potato wedges and grilled pineapple. In the little green tub are a couple of slices of cucumber and a sprig of mint ready to add to my Tervis beaker of water. All meals were tasty on day 2! These bacon, spring onion and egg muffins were super easy and only took 15 mins in the oven (2 eggs with added water made 4 egg muffins) although I learnt that I need a little more to fill me. Lunch was scrummy- I made a basic French dressing with EVOO, balsamic vinegar and a dash of Dijon mustard (sugar-free) and it was the pop the dish needed! Tea was a cod filled cooked in a foil parcel with EVOO, lemon juice and fresh dill.  Whist planning my lunch (different from on my plan) I discovered that my avocado was a little too ripe! I googled and found a simple recipe to follow for a salad dressing and figured it would go well with a nicoise salad (of sorts!) for lunch. I added some to breakfast to dip my bacon and eggs (cold left overs from previous day) in- tasty! Tea was so simple but really tasty and filling- I simply roasted chicken drumsticks with a splash of EVOO, ground pepper, a few sprigs of lemon thyme and sliced lemon. I roasted some veggies mediterranean style and devoured the lot- I’d of loved some aubergine to bulk it out further but the shop was out! Breakfast speaks for its self and I forgot to take a pic of lunch (it was like day 1 but with added beetroot and mason jar fruit salad). Tea was amazing! Mr T was having vermicelli noodles and sweet chilli sauce with his and I was mega jealous so I whipped up a kind of lime and ginger dipping sauce (recipe will follow).

I’ve tried hard this week to stick to the plan and have enjoyed thinking of tasty food combos to keep me interested.

I’m thinking I am going to have to keep trying hard over the next week- it is Mr T’s birthday tomorrow and I just know he will be cracking open a bottle of beer (or 10!) and to top it off- I’m going on one of my dearest friend’s hen do next weekend with afternoon tea and drinks- weep!

How is your Whole 30 going?

Do you have any tips for me?

Next Friday I’ll bring you an overview of my week and recipes for some of the tastiest eats I’ve stumbled across.

Until then, I’ll keep trying hard if you will!

Mrs T Xx


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