Whole 30 and Me: Surviving!

W30SurvivingSo this week has been a little more challenging let me tell you!!! I’ve never intended to make my Whole 30 blog journey a rosy and wonderful one. My intention has always been to show you the draw full of junk as well as the beautifully tidy living room, so to speak.

In this post I want to share with you some of my struggles and ways I have tried hard to overcome them. I’ve also included some meal high-lights and a couple more Whole 30 UK availble produces.

My struggle

I’m at the point where the novelty has worn off and ‘Whole 30’ ways are just becoming the norm- this is amazing, yes, but kind of deflating at the same time. In the first couple of weeks it was the excitement that kept me going so what is there to drive me now the lustre has worn off?

As I walked around the supermarket on Monday it was the first time during my Whole 30 that I was jealous. Jealous of all the muffins, cheese, lattes, wine and croissants in other peoples baskets! I was so jealous that I could have wept….but I didn’t. What I did do was look down at my weeks meal plan, which we were using as our shopping list, and thought about the food on there. I realised that there wasn’t one meal in my plan that I would sooner swap for a muffin or some cheese (the wine is another story!) and that’s the key to Whole 30 for me- yummy food!

That moment in the supermarket has been the only moment so far, and I include the Hendo and Christening I was at over the weekend, where I have faultered. When I stopped and reflected I realised that, yeah sure some of my normal meals are pretty scrummy but so too are my Whole 30 ones so what is there to be jeleous about?

It was bizarre to me that my green-eyed moment struck on Monday and not on Saturday or Sunday when I was surrounded by people eating and drinking away to their hearts content! I was at one of my best friend’s Hendo on Saturday and there was Prosecco  flowing and sandwiches galour- did I ‘cheat’? Did I heck! I stuck to glasses of sparkling water and asked, yes ASKED, if I could just have some ham and salad because I couldn’t have the bread. Out they came with a platter and I was in Whole 30 heaven right there! The book tells you to ask about things but I thought I would just be a ‘shut up and put up’ type but I plucked up the courage with super results- no one even batted and eye at my request.

I carried on my new found forwardness when we moved onto a cocktail bar- I perused the ‘virgin’ list and spotted one I liked the sound of but it had cranberry juice in it and I was sure it would have added sugar so I simply asked to see all if the fruit juice cartons and the Barman obliged! Sure enough I was right so I asked if he could replace it with pineapple juice instead- again it was no biggy!IMG_9881I know drinking fruit juice, whilst still compliant, isn’t recommended but there is only so much sparkling water a girl can take! Plus, other than tap water, it was the best possible choice- I’m rather proud of myself!

After Saturday night, Sunday was easy! One of my BFFs was at the Christening too along with her growing bump so I wasn’t alone in my soda water drinking! The challenge came when the Buffett opened as there was gorgeous looking quiche, sandwiches and cakes strew across the table but I happily filled my plate with cold-cuts of meat and a crunchy salad- I also packed a ‘Naked’ bar in my bag so that I was prepared just incase there wasn’t anything I could have- I was a Girl Guide you know!

As the week has gone on I have begun to embrace my feeling of familiarity and I’m viewing it as something to be celebrated, after all- you can flirt and giggle with anyone but it’s the one you can slob around in your pjs, feeling utterly comfortable and at home with that’s the keeper!

Meal run-down

Meals this week have mostly been dishes I’ve blogged about in previous posts so I’ve just taken pics and will include a brief description. (Click here and here to get more info)

Tea was a lovely chicken Jalfrezi using a shop bought spice mix (more details below) and my very first attempt at cauliflower rice- yummy and sooooo easy!

IMG_9976We enjoyed this Jerk chicken, sweet potato wedges and grilled pineapple all over again!

photo 1

Mr T whipped up yet another scrumptious kidney-bean-less chilli and I enjoyed some more cauliflower rice.

This meal was all Mr T! He has an obsession with burgers covered in chilli ever since we had it in a brewery in Providence RI a few years ago- the egg and wedges just added the finishing touches- scrumptious! IMG_9975


This is crispy chicken is now a firm favourite- read last weeks post for the original recipe and how I tweaked it.

UK available products 

I stumbled across this drink in M&S tonight whilst Mr T was picking out some bottles of IPA- I’m a dab hand at reading the labels now and just when I thought there was nothing for me I discovered this and I think it looks rather special, don’t you? IMG_9969

IMG_9970Another member of the ‘Feel Good Drinks Company’ came to my rescue when I was making my packed lunch for a school trip this week-

They are non- alcoholic and totally Whole 30 compliant- super handy and yummy!

I mentioned earlier that I had packed a ‘Naked’ bar just incase- photo-2 copyThey are handy if your having a busy day but as Whole 30 advocates less snacking then they should be kept to a minimum. There are loads of different bars and treats in this range but not many are compliant so MAKE SURE YOU READ THE LABLES!!

With only 12 more days to go I’m trying hard to focus on the feel-good side of this journey and not let the green-eyed monster get the better of me!

How’s your journey going?

What pitfalls have you tried hard to avoid?

Until next week…

Mrs T Xx


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