Whole 30 Success: Top 5 Tips

confessions of a try hard Whole 30I am currently half way through my second Whole 30 experience and I am loving it just as much as I knew I would- my energy levels are high, my skin is clear and smooth and I KNOW I’ve lost some weight too which is an added bonus.

I love that every day I am indulging in tasty, well prepared and ‘good’ meals but I know that this experience could all so easily have gone wrong.

This is my second Whole 30 but it is actually my 5th ‘go’ at it!

Thinking of starting Whole 30?

Don’t do what I did the last 3 times and buy the food only for it to rot away with my good intentions in the veg draw!

Follow these 5 simple steps to Whole30 success…
confessions of a try hard Whole 30This sounds simple, like duh, but in the run up to my previous 3 attempts I failed to really look at the events already planned in my diary. Don’t get me wrong, you still have a life on Whole 30 and it’s quite easy to eat out whilst doing it but unlike my previous 3 attempts, this time I don’t have anything where I will be out all day with no options in front of me. Look for periods of time where you are not on lots of training courses, at weddings or away for a weekend. You want to be able to relax on Whole 30 and not stress searching menus or turning down delicious meals for an empty tummy. Make sure you start your Whole 30 during a quiet period of time where, for the majority of the 30 days, you can take control of your eating and meal planning without feeling although you are missing out.
confessions of a try hard Whole 30Pinterest is my Whole 30 heaven!!!!! I love getting new ideas for recipes to try out and taste sensations to experiment with! Just be careful to read the ingredients lists carefully- many recipes which pop up on Whole 30 Pinterest searches are, in-fact, Paleo and need some adjusting to be Whole 30 friendly but don’t let that put you off- usually with a tweak or 2 they can be totally compliant and yummy! Instagram has some excellent visuals and links to blog post- check out the hashtag #whole30.
confessions of a try hard Whole 30Make time to plan, cook and enjoy your food! Once I’ve gathered all of my inspiration I like to sit and think about the week ahead and what meals will suit which days. I make sure I am up in plenty of time to have my breakfast because banana and egg scramble takes longer to prep and cook than toast! Being up that little bit earlier also means I get to curl up with a cuppa (no milk of course) and enjoy my breakfast rather than shoving it in my gob whilst I do 6 other things!! The same goes for the other meals- because they’re all made from scratch then I like to make sure I start in plenty of time so that I can enjoy the cooking process and still eat at a reasonable time. The key, I think, is to not rush. When you rush you make bad choices and that’s when Whole 30 fails!
confessions of a try hard Whole 30Yep, I love a list. I list the recipes I want to try, I list the weekly meal schedule, I list the things I have, I list the things I need to buy…. failing to prepare is preparing to fail after all!!!

Please promise me you won’t head to the shops without your list- please!!!! If I walked into the supermarket with no list then my eyes would start to wonder but with list in hand, I’m focused and on task and much, much less likely to stray!

For a basic Whole 30 shopping list, click here to download it from the official site.

confessions of a try hard Whole 30Yes the chances are you will loose weight along the way but I strongly suggest that you don’t make this the sole reason for doing a Whole 30. If you do then you be come a scales-addict and that isn’t good for anyone….you’ll become discouraged, loose sight of the other positives and most likely give up!

Do Whole 30 because you want to refocus your eating habits, explore making better food choices, find alternatives to the food which makes you sluggish and bloated and because you want to fall in love with food again- NOT because you just want to loose weight- Whole 30 is so much more than that!

Check out this blog post to follow my first Whole 30 journey and gather some ideas and inspiration.

I’ve tried hard to make excellent eating choices and some yummy meals this past week and I feel fantastic!

Join me this Friday for my Whole 30 Winter Warmer Soup!

Until then…

Mrs T Xx


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