Why I’m ok with Daddy getting the giggles

So Little Miss T is just over 5 months old now and her hearty chortle warms my cockles but it’s not usually me who manages to earn a good belly laugh from her- it’s her daddy! 

At first it really bugged me that I spent all day with her and yeah, I got plenty of gummy grins and the odd chuckle but the real, long lasting and heart felt giggles only appeared when Daddy was about. 

All he had to do was make a silly noise or shake the nappy bag (!) and out would pop the most glorious sound and there I was doing a multitude of silly dances, songs and faces, blowing raspberries on her tummy and moving Heaven & Earth only to be greeted with what was really a noisy smile! What was I doing wrong? Why couldn’t I get her to giggle too? 

But my view on the giggles all changed last month when I was upstairs and could hear the 2 of them giggling and cooing away downstairs and my heart burst with love and pride.

This is THEIR ‘thing’!

I get the morning smiles, goodnight cuddles, moments of awe and wonder day after day and if this is the part of it that Mr T gets then I’m ok with that! 

There’s many things he’s been excluded from during our journey into parenthood, not on purpose just they way nature makes it and if this is something he gets to have that I don’t then who am I to be bitter about it? 

I’ll keep my morning smiles and goodnight cuddles along with the joy that I feel whenever I hear the 2 of them giggling together and Mr T can keep the giggles- I think that’s a fair trade, don’t you? 

What would you trade your partner for or are you happy to let them have their own ‘thing’ too?

Until the next giggle fit,

Mrs T Xx

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