Just when I thought it was going to be one of ‘those’ days…

So today was just a little ‘try’ing to say the least!

I don’t know about you but since I’ve become a mother, I’m more determined to make the most of every day and do things that will make us happy, spend time with the people who matter the most and remember to breath along the way!

This week we’ve had colds and slobbed about in P.J.s a lot so today was the day we were going to break out and enjoy the sunshine!

It started easy enough at 6:30am with a SnapChat selfie of Little Miss T and I…she cried when I nipped to the loo but that’s normal these days….she cried when I turned my back to close the bedroom door, not quite what I was expecting…and she cried when I sat her in her Jumperoo so that I could butter my toast, ONE OF THOSE DAYS! Great!

It was all going to be O.K. though, I’d been mega organised and placed a Saino’s order the night before so I knew I had to look reasonably presentable and I knew I had to give the kitchen a quick wipe over and spray a little air freshener by 9am just incase they rocked up on time- dressed, cleaning and shopping done by 9 BOSH! Killing it! All done with one hand too…remember that baby that cried whenever I breathed? On one hip all.of.the.time!

It was during my prep for the Sainsbury’s delivery that the reality of what a crap day it was going to be really hit home and dreams of a lovingly prepared lunch munched with friends in the sunshine began to fade. I went to move the pram so that the order could be carried to the kitchen but it wasn’t there….neither was the car seat…neither was the baby carrier…how the hell was I going to meet any of the people I had plans with? I’ll let you imagine the swear words that filled the air at this discovery…along with a screaming baby…yeah, stupid me, I’d left the room again!

So, not a problem you might think, just change your plans, people can come to you, you can get the bus…people already had other plans, there is only 1 bus and I had no pram!

Eventually, I sucked it up, wiped my brow and thought ‘What Would Alibongo Do?’. I remembered a spare baby carrier a friend had lent me, scrambled through the shed to find my backpack, sweated (hotter than hell today) and looked up the bus time… I had 20 mins to get our sh*t together!

I spread some tomato puree and chucked some leftover roasted veg onto a pitta bread, topped with cheese and grilled for a minute (I carted the baby in her bouncer into the kitchen to avoid another scream…FML), remembered to grab a change of clothes, nappies and some toys and popped them in the backpack and splodged some suncream onto the baba. Winning at life right here people!

Only one job left…. figure out how to put the bloody carrier on!!!! Is it just me or does anyone else find it like a heat of the Krypton Factor putting one of those things on?!

So, baby safely sun-creamed, sun-hatted and secured in the carrier, door keys found and sanity somewhat restored we trundled to the bus stop…ah… buses cost money! I literally had 2 minutes until the bus arrived and the village Post Office only does cash by counter service…wouldn’t you know it…woman in front had 12 bloody parcels to weigh and post! 12! We just about made it onto the bus and I could have fallen asleep- it was only 11:30am!

Needless to say, we survived, the sun shined, I had a cake and cuppa, friends came, we laughed, Little Miss T loved her pitta pizza and charmed everyone and a lovely afternoon was had by all!

I was close to tears and almost texted people to cancel at several points this morning but I didn’t. I kept going, I tried hard to find solutions to problems and I succeeded…I’m sure there’s a moral in there somewhere!

Ever had a day like ours? How did you overcome the FFS moments?

Until next time,

Mrs T Xx


Why should I use my vote?

So today is the deadline to register to vote- have you? (Click here to go straight to the site)

use vote

I’ll be voting and I don’t mind telling you that, as always, I will be voting Labour- I have many, many reasons why but this post isn’t a party political one- it is an urgent one.

I URGE you to vote.

Of course I’d love you to vote the same way as me but who you choose to vote for is none of my business, that’s between you and the ballot box BUT for all of our sakes, VOTE.

If you really need a reason to do it, here are 10…

  1. It’s free- you’re not charged for putting your X in the box.
  2. We are lucky to have to right to vote- so many people around the globe are disenfranchised. And I’m not just talking about in 3rd World countries either-  did you know that in many USA states you must have photo ID to vote? Just imagine how many people this caveat excludes! This is something that could quite easily happen here too if some of the rumours are to be believed!
  3. No right to complain- your vote is your voice! If you don’t use it to have your say then do you really have a right to complain about what the government does?
  4. Have a say in where your hard earned cash goes- this is your chance to dictate where your taxes are spent. Yes, I appreciate you can’t just say ‘I want my money to go to the NHS’ but you can weigh up the manifesto pledges and decide which best matches your desires.
  5. The sense of righteousness- how can you be smug if you don’t vote!
  6. You don’t live in a dictatorship- Democracy shouldn’t be taken for granted! As futile as people think they are, the House of Lords often acts as our buffer against a dictatorship’ish (YES it’s a word!!!!) leadership. What if none of this existed here though? Could you imagine if you were just told what to do and how to live your life all of the time?
  7. People literally died to give it to you- do I really need to go over this again?! Especially you ladies out there- click here to find out more in a very child-friendly manner.
  8. Representing your age group- under 35’s are traditionally the most underrepresented age-group in the UK voting system and they are often the subject of some of the most ruthless policies- I wonder how the politicians get away with that? Oh yeah…. you don’t register to vote!
  9. It’s quick- LITERALLY TAKES 2 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. You count- don’t be fooled into thinking your vote won’t make a difference- even if you have no desire to vote for any party, leave your ballot blank and pop it in that box- YOU COUNT!!!

So, in conclusion-VOTE!!!!!!

I’ve tried hard to convince you but now its down to you!

See you on the other-side of May,

Mrs T Xx