I am, at heart, a perfectionist who just lacks the ‘je ne sais quoi’ to produce things matching up to my own standards and this depresses me big time!!!

I am also a KS1 teacher, blogger, TpT’er, wife, cat-mummy and social-media lover.

Oh how I dream of standing in my Cath Kidston/ Emma Bridgewater accessorised house decorated with bunting and tea towels made by my own fair hands, being intoxicated by the delectable smell of a pie cooking in the oven made with ‘real’ (not ready to roll) pastry al la GBBO!!!  The truth is….. I don’t have the time and, whilst I try hard to do these things, I am often too tired/ stressed/ lazy   (take your pick) to do them properly!

You can usually find me curled up with a cup of tea in hand, TV on, tapping out a new blog post about Phonics or creating a TpT product whilst also sneaking a peek at the latest Laura Ashley sales pages and drooling over the current period drama.

Would you like a cuppa? I’d love one!

I’ll pop the kettle on while you carry on reading shall I?

Mrs Try- hard x



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