10 ‘Basic’ musts for Autumn!


I adore Autumn… it is the season that makes my heart sing and is the gateway to the most wonderful time of the year. I don’t know what it is but whenever I picture my childhood, it is always enveloped in a crisp autumn day. Maybe its because I’m an autumn baby? Perhaps its because its filled with celebrations which conjure happy family memories for me.

Whatever the reason- I’m an autumn lover and proud! I love nothing more than the cosy outfits and steaming hot drinks!

Are you like me? Come on, I know you are really…. are you a basic autumn b*tch? (pardon the language!)

Well…. if you don your uggs with pride whilst sipping a red, hot PSL then read on and see how many of these autumnal MUSTS you will be ticking off this year…

  1. Make a beautiful autumn vegetable soup and curl up with a loaf of tiger bread and enjoy!
  2. Get those cosy bed socks on- you know you’ve been waiting all year to get them out or, if you’re honest, you’ve most probably been wearing them since August- I have!
  3. Sit in the garden with a steaming mug of tea and watch the leaves fall from the trees and listen to birds tweeting away to each other- breath it in!
  4. Get those wellies out!!!! It is now the season where it is acceptable to wear your Wellington boots as a fashion statement! Go forth and wear those wellies with pride!
  5. Celebrate the first ‘woolly hat day’ of the season! Get your padded jacket, Uggs and blanket scarf ready, pick out the perfect wooly hat and strut your stuff! For extra ‘Basic’ points, snap a selfie and Insta it!
  6. T’is the season of PSLs, Pumpkin Spice Lattes to those who have been living under a rock, so head to your local coffee shop of choice and grab yourself a mug of the hot nectar of the autumn Gods!
  7. Candles, candle and more candles! Oh, did I mention candles? Light ALL the candles! Fill your home with the sent of ‘conkers’ (WTAF????) and the glow of a thousand tea lights- snuggly, autumn nights rock!
  8. Buy a pumpkin! Ever since I grew up and realised that pumpkins were the way for Halloween lanterns and not turnips (!), I also began to follow the mantra ‘A pumpkin isn’t just for 1 night, its for a whole season!’
  9. Cinnamon it up!!!! Porridge for breakfast? Add a sprinkle of cinnamon! Apple pie for pudding? Add a sprinkle of cinnamon! Ice cream for a treat? Add…. you get the idea!
  10. Got those wellies or Uggs on? Now go forth and kick up some autumnal leaves!!! Who says jumping in leaves and puddles is just for kids? Autumn fun is for everyone!


I’ve already made a good start on the list- check out my Insta @confessionsofatryhard to keep up with progress and feel free to tag me in your autumnal Instagram snaps too!

I’ll try hard not to indulge in too many PSLs… is that even possible?

Until next time,

Mrs T Xx


Just when I thought it was going to be one of ‘those’ days…

So today was just a little ‘try’ing to say the least!

I don’t know about you but since I’ve become a mother, I’m more determined to make the most of every day and do things that will make us happy, spend time with the people who matter the most and remember to breath along the way!

This week we’ve had colds and slobbed about in P.J.s a lot so today was the day we were going to break out and enjoy the sunshine!

It started easy enough at 6:30am with a SnapChat selfie of Little Miss T and I…she cried when I nipped to the loo but that’s normal these days….she cried when I turned my back to close the bedroom door, not quite what I was expecting…and she cried when I sat her in her Jumperoo so that I could butter my toast, ONE OF THOSE DAYS! Great!

It was all going to be O.K. though, I’d been mega organised and placed a Saino’s order the night before so I knew I had to look reasonably presentable and I knew I had to give the kitchen a quick wipe over and spray a little air freshener by 9am just incase they rocked up on time- dressed, cleaning and shopping done by 9 BOSH! Killing it! All done with one hand too…remember that baby that cried whenever I breathed? On one hip all.of.the.time!

It was during my prep for the Sainsbury’s delivery that the reality of what a crap day it was going to be really hit home and dreams of a lovingly prepared lunch munched with friends in the sunshine began to fade. I went to move the pram so that the order could be carried to the kitchen but it wasn’t there….neither was the car seat…neither was the baby carrier…how the hell was I going to meet any of the people I had plans with? I’ll let you imagine the swear words that filled the air at this discovery…along with a screaming baby…yeah, stupid me, I’d left the room again!

So, not a problem you might think, just change your plans, people can come to you, you can get the bus…people already had other plans, there is only 1 bus and I had no pram!

Eventually, I sucked it up, wiped my brow and thought ‘What Would Alibongo Do?’. I remembered a spare baby carrier a friend had lent me, scrambled through the shed to find my backpack, sweated (hotter than hell today) and looked up the bus time… I had 20 mins to get our sh*t together!

I spread some tomato puree and chucked some leftover roasted veg onto a pitta bread, topped with cheese and grilled for a minute (I carted the baby in her bouncer into the kitchen to avoid another scream…FML), remembered to grab a change of clothes, nappies and some toys and popped them in the backpack and splodged some suncream onto the baba. Winning at life right here people!

Only one job left…. figure out how to put the bloody carrier on!!!! Is it just me or does anyone else find it like a heat of the Krypton Factor putting one of those things on?!

So, baby safely sun-creamed, sun-hatted and secured in the carrier, door keys found and sanity somewhat restored we trundled to the bus stop…ah… buses cost money! I literally had 2 minutes until the bus arrived and the village Post Office only does cash by counter service…wouldn’t you know it…woman in front had 12 bloody parcels to weigh and post! 12! We just about made it onto the bus and I could have fallen asleep- it was only 11:30am!

Needless to say, we survived, the sun shined, I had a cake and cuppa, friends came, we laughed, Little Miss T loved her pitta pizza and charmed everyone and a lovely afternoon was had by all!

I was close to tears and almost texted people to cancel at several points this morning but I didn’t. I kept going, I tried hard to find solutions to problems and I succeeded…I’m sure there’s a moral in there somewhere!

Ever had a day like ours? How did you overcome the FFS moments?

Until next time,

Mrs T Xx

Things that boil my blood (and eggs)


Grab a cuppa….we could be here a while!

I should tell you now that this post includes a recipe for some delicious baked eggs, if you would like to skip my moaning and jump straight to the food (I wouldn’t hold a grudge) then click here to go to the lovely Rachel Khoo’s original recipe.

Now, you know me, I’m not one to moan BUT….!

Having been on a rather long journey towards motherhood I’ve managed to tot up a disturbing number of gripes about the subject before, during and after my eggs have finished baking (tenuous food link!).

So, Mr T and I have been married for 8 years this May and have just welcomed our first little bundle of joy, Little Miss T joined us in October and (just FYI) was conceived completely naturally dispite the fact we have been a child-less, married couple for quite a few years.

This childlessness was partly by design and partly due to nature.

My mother passed away (you will know the details from previous posts) the same year that Mr T and I got married. This left us with a huge amount of healing to do but also with a house to sort (hoarder!) and sell on- it eventually took almost 5 years to get through (the house that is) and was such a tiring  process that the thought of going through it pregnant/ with a young baby was hard to contemplate and so we kept putting starting a family off until the house was sold despite half-heartedly trying from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, if it had happened for us during this time then we would have been over the moon but it just didn’t.

Even once this obstical was out of the way, making the final decsision to whole-hartedly commit to staring a family took us some time. We love holidays and socialising so we spent a while giving it a go and then when it didn’t happen we just went on holiday and thought ‘oh well, at least we can drink and spend whatever we want without a worry’.

This all changed New Year 2015. We were in Las Vegas living the highlife, sipping beer at 9am whilst popping dollars into the BlackJack machines and we both agreed, that whilst living said highlife was mucho fun, we both wanted more and so Little Miss T’s journey into this world began and my long list of annoying comments began to grow! Continue reading

Whole 30 Success: Top 5 Tips

confessions of a try hard Whole 30I am currently half way through my second Whole 30 experience and I am loving it just as much as I knew I would- my energy levels are high, my skin is clear and smooth and I KNOW I’ve lost some weight too which is an added bonus.

I love that every day I am indulging in tasty, well prepared and ‘good’ meals but I know that this experience could all so easily have gone wrong.

This is my second Whole 30 but it is actually my 5th ‘go’ at it!

Thinking of starting Whole 30?

Don’t do what I did the last 3 times and buy the food only for it to rot away with my good intentions in the veg draw!

Follow these 5 simple steps to Whole30 success…
confessions of a try hard Whole 30This sounds simple, like duh, but in the run up to my previous 3 attempts I failed to really look at the events already planned in my diary. Don’t get me wrong, you still have a life on Whole 30 and it’s quite easy to eat out whilst doing it but unlike my previous 3 attempts, this time I don’t have anything where I will be out all day with no options in front of me. Look for periods of time where you are not on lots of training courses, at weddings or away for a weekend. You want to be able to relax on Whole 30 and not stress searching menus or turning down delicious meals for an empty tummy. Make sure you start your Whole 30 during a quiet period of time where, for the majority of the 30 days, you can take control of your eating and meal planning without feeling although you are missing out.
confessions of a try hard Whole 30Pinterest is my Whole 30 heaven!!!!! I love getting new ideas for recipes to try out and taste sensations to experiment with! Just be careful to read the ingredients lists carefully- many recipes which pop up on Whole 30 Pinterest searches are, in-fact, Paleo and need some adjusting to be Whole 30 friendly but don’t let that put you off- usually with a tweak or 2 they can be totally compliant and yummy! Instagram has some excellent visuals and links to blog post- check out the hashtag #whole30.
confessions of a try hard Whole 30Make time to plan, cook and enjoy your food! Once I’ve gathered all of my inspiration I like to sit and think about the week ahead and what meals will suit which days. I make sure I am up in plenty of time to have my breakfast because banana and egg scramble takes longer to prep and cook than toast! Being up that little bit earlier also means I get to curl up with a cuppa (no milk of course) and enjoy my breakfast rather than shoving it in my gob whilst I do 6 other things!! The same goes for the other meals- because they’re all made from scratch then I like to make sure I start in plenty of time so that I can enjoy the cooking process and still eat at a reasonable time. The key, I think, is to not rush. When you rush you make bad choices and that’s when Whole 30 fails!
confessions of a try hard Whole 30Yep, I love a list. I list the recipes I want to try, I list the weekly meal schedule, I list the things I have, I list the things I need to buy…. failing to prepare is preparing to fail after all!!!

Please promise me you won’t head to the shops without your list- please!!!! If I walked into the supermarket with no list then my eyes would start to wonder but with list in hand, I’m focused and on task and much, much less likely to stray!

For a basic Whole 30 shopping list, click here to download it from the official site.

confessions of a try hard Whole 30Yes the chances are you will loose weight along the way but I strongly suggest that you don’t make this the sole reason for doing a Whole 30. If you do then you be come a scales-addict and that isn’t good for anyone….you’ll become discouraged, loose sight of the other positives and most likely give up!

Do Whole 30 because you want to refocus your eating habits, explore making better food choices, find alternatives to the food which makes you sluggish and bloated and because you want to fall in love with food again- NOT because you just want to loose weight- Whole 30 is so much more than that!

Check out this blog post to follow my first Whole 30 journey and gather some ideas and inspiration.

I’ve tried hard to make excellent eating choices and some yummy meals this past week and I feel fantastic!

Join me this Friday for my Whole 30 Winter Warmer Soup!

Until then…

Mrs T Xx

Whole 30 and DONE! 

  For the past 4 weeks I’ve been sharing with you my Whole 30 journey- I’m writing this post 4 days short of finishing for real but lunch today will be my last supper so to speak. I am currently on the train on my way back home to my family for my cousin’s 30th birthday celebrations. The food was preordered a couple of months ago and I’m looking forward to relaxing in the company of my best friends and having a good giggle!  

 It’s not for the drink or the food that I’m stopping my Whole 30 dedication today, it’s the ‘no pressure’ feeling. I managed on my friend’s Hendo and at a christening without drinking or eating anything other than Whole 30 compliant foods but I had to focus and think carefully and tbh, tonight I don’t want to have to think! I’m allowing myself a break I’m ok with that. I intend on finishing up my Whole 30 on the 2nd July as always but because of tonight, I’m viewing this morning as my last ‘pure Whole 30’ meal. I’ve loved my Whole 30 journey and there are many, many things I intend to keep making and eating as the weeks go by- I’m not suddenly stopping and going back to my old habits and I think that was my ultimate prize- a total change in attitude and taste! 

Another thing I’m going to keep going is my ‘ask if they can…’attitude. Yesterday I had a bit of a wait for my bus and it was warm and sticky out. I needed a drink but Costa was the only place open- I didn’t want a hot drink so looked at their coolers menu- I really fancied an ice-tea but figured it might have added sugar so I asked! Rather than making it with the syrup in, the lady offered to make it for me without and add slices of lemon- amazing! I didn’t even ask if they could- she simply offered!   

Along this journey I found people to be amazingly supportive and helpful. My husband and friends have totally understood what and why I’m doing this and haven’t made a big deal of it- my lovely teaching BFF still make me a cuppa but doesn’t even think twice now- she knows I’m not having milk! People out and about have been very accommodating too- read my last post to find out more. 

As if I needed anymore inspiration to keep my new found ways going- I jumped onto the scales this morning- 14 1/2 pounds lighter!!! That’s just over a stone people!!!!!!! I also struck a pose and snapped a selfie…   

 I know I’ve still got some way to go but I can actually see the curve above my bottom and into my back now and I look more like 3 months preggers not 6!!!!! Bonus!!! Apart from the weight loss my other positives are that my usually dry skin is smooth and clear, I have much more energy, I never feel sluggish or bloated and I’ve been sleeping soundly every night- why wouldn’t I continue? 

Some of the meals I am most certainly going to keep going are..

Breakfast no more toast and marmalade-   

This is my new go-to and I love it! 

Lunch I am most certainly not falling back into my school dinners routine of the past-    

  Amazing salad or left overs are my new lunch box staples. 

Tea even Mr T has enjoyed these yummy eats- 


To see my full meal plans and links to recipes click here and here.

So, this is it guys, my last post as a Whole 30’er but be sure to check back because I’m going to try hard to keep my new-found eating habits up and I’ll be sure to let you know how it’s going!

Have you just finished a Whole 30?

How have you found eating post ’30? 

I’d love to know…

Catch you soon

Mrs T Xx

Whole 30 and Me: Surviving!

W30SurvivingSo this week has been a little more challenging let me tell you!!! I’ve never intended to make my Whole 30 blog journey a rosy and wonderful one. My intention has always been to show you the draw full of junk as well as the beautifully tidy living room, so to speak.

In this post I want to share with you some of my struggles and ways I have tried hard to overcome them. I’ve also included some meal high-lights and a couple more Whole 30 UK availble produces.

My struggle

I’m at the point where the novelty has worn off and ‘Whole 30’ ways are just becoming the norm- this is amazing, yes, but kind of deflating at the same time. In the first couple of weeks it was the excitement that kept me going so what is there to drive me now the lustre has worn off?

As I walked around the supermarket on Monday it was the first time during my Whole 30 that I was jealous. Jealous of all the muffins, cheese, lattes, wine and croissants in other peoples baskets! I was so jealous that I could have wept….but I didn’t. What I did do was look down at my weeks meal plan, which we were using as our shopping list, and thought about the food on there. I realised that there wasn’t one meal in my plan that I would sooner swap for a muffin or some cheese (the wine is another story!) and that’s the key to Whole 30 for me- yummy food!

That moment in the supermarket has been the only moment so far, and I include the Hendo and Christening I was at over the weekend, where I have faultered. When I stopped and reflected I realised that, yeah sure some of my normal meals are pretty scrummy but so too are my Whole 30 ones so what is there to be jeleous about?

It was bizarre to me that my green-eyed moment struck on Monday and not on Saturday or Sunday when I was surrounded by people eating and drinking away to their hearts content! I was at one of my best friend’s Hendo on Saturday and there was Prosecco  flowing and sandwiches galour- did I ‘cheat’? Did I heck! I stuck to glasses of sparkling water and asked, yes ASKED, if I could just have some ham and salad because I couldn’t have the bread. Out they came with a platter and I was in Whole 30 heaven right there! The book tells you to ask about things but I thought I would just be a ‘shut up and put up’ type but I plucked up the courage with super results- no one even batted and eye at my request.

I carried on my new found forwardness when we moved onto a cocktail bar- I perused the ‘virgin’ list and spotted one I liked the sound of but it had cranberry juice in it and I was sure it would have added sugar so I simply asked to see all if the fruit juice cartons and the Barman obliged! Sure enough I was right so I asked if he could replace it with pineapple juice instead- again it was no biggy!IMG_9881I know drinking fruit juice, whilst still compliant, isn’t recommended but there is only so much sparkling water a girl can take! Plus, other than tap water, it was the best possible choice- I’m rather proud of myself!

After Saturday night, Sunday was easy! One of my BFFs was at the Christening too along with her growing bump so I wasn’t alone in my soda water drinking! The challenge came when the Buffett opened as there was gorgeous looking quiche, sandwiches and cakes strew across the table but I happily filled my plate with cold-cuts of meat and a crunchy salad- I also packed a ‘Naked’ bar in my bag so that I was prepared just incase there wasn’t anything I could have- I was a Girl Guide you know!

As the week has gone on I have begun to embrace my feeling of familiarity and I’m viewing it as something to be celebrated, after all- you can flirt and giggle with anyone but it’s the one you can slob around in your pjs, feeling utterly comfortable and at home with that’s the keeper!

Meal run-down

Meals this week have mostly been dishes I’ve blogged about in previous posts so I’ve just taken pics and will include a brief description. (Click here and here to get more info)

Tea was a lovely chicken Jalfrezi using a shop bought spice mix (more details below) and my very first attempt at cauliflower rice- yummy and sooooo easy!

IMG_9976We enjoyed this Jerk chicken, sweet potato wedges and grilled pineapple all over again!

photo 1

Mr T whipped up yet another scrumptious kidney-bean-less chilli and I enjoyed some more cauliflower rice.

This meal was all Mr T! He has an obsession with burgers covered in chilli ever since we had it in a brewery in Providence RI a few years ago- the egg and wedges just added the finishing touches- scrumptious! IMG_9975


This is crispy chicken is now a firm favourite- read last weeks post for the original recipe and how I tweaked it.

UK available products 

I stumbled across this drink in M&S tonight whilst Mr T was picking out some bottles of IPA- I’m a dab hand at reading the labels now and just when I thought there was nothing for me I discovered this and I think it looks rather special, don’t you? IMG_9969

IMG_9970Another member of the ‘Feel Good Drinks Company’ came to my rescue when I was making my packed lunch for a school trip this week-

They are non- alcoholic and totally Whole 30 compliant- super handy and yummy!

I mentioned earlier that I had packed a ‘Naked’ bar just incase- photo-2 copyThey are handy if your having a busy day but as Whole 30 advocates less snacking then they should be kept to a minimum. There are loads of different bars and treats in this range but not many are compliant so MAKE SURE YOU READ THE LABLES!!

With only 12 more days to go I’m trying hard to focus on the feel-good side of this journey and not let the green-eyed monster get the better of me!

How’s your journey going?

What pitfalls have you tried hard to avoid?

Until next week…

Mrs T Xx

Whole 30 and Me: 2 Fridays down…

day 11

11 days in and I am loving it! I have eaten some awesome meals and haven’t felt bloated, stuffed or sluggish at all. In my last post, you might recall, I said it had taken until day 4 to feel satisfied between meals- the feeling of satisfaction is well and truly here to stay. I’ve felt no real desire to snack between meals and even my break time nuts have been knocked on the head.

In the rest of the post you will find-

1. A run down of my meals from day 5- day 11

2. Links to some recipes I have tweaked and tried

3. Some products which are Whole 30 compliant and available in the U.K.

My Meals

photo 4It was Mr T’s birthday so we had a lazy morning and didn’t sit down for breakfast until 10am- it was worth the wait! It felt like a massive treat but was totally Whole 30 A-OK! Love it! Since we ate late, I didn’t fancy much for lunch and we were going out shopping (for a drill, oh joy!) so I planned ahead and popped a ‘yo,yo’ in my bag along with a drink and some fruit- I will admit that I was ready for my tea when we got in though! Tea was chilli without the kidney beans and sweet potato wedges- scrumptious! I also took advantage of it being the weekend to make some cinnamon bananas- Mr T ate most of them but I had to try one just to check how tasty they were! I discounted the sugar and added a dash of ginger. Fried in coconut oil, these were delicious!photo 2-2I woke up on Sunday morning to no eggs and no bacon- Mr T had scoffed the lot! I resigned myself to a fruit salad in the garden while he headed to to gym and then the shop. I hung on until about 11:30 and could take it no longer so I decided to switch the day around- my parma ham. olive, beetroot and sugar snap pea salad with balsamic dressing was divine!!!! Seriously…..if there is one salad you try during Whole 30- this should be it!!! Ahmazing! I spotted the blueberry omelette on Pinterest and decided to give it a try when Mr T arrived home, in place of my lunch- another tasty treat! The cooked blueberries give of the slightest hint of sweetness which, if you’re having a craving is a perfect way to satisfy it as part of a meal rather than a snack. For tea Mr T made a gorgeous cottage pie with green beans rather than peas and a sweet potato topping.

photo 1-2Monday’s meals were perfect for a busy day- I started off with a delicious spinach and sweet pepper omelette wrapped in ham plus a cup of my new favourite Lady Grey tea. The rest of the day was leftovers- chilli for lunch and cottage pie for tea with extra veg. I’ve been drinking lots of water over the course of my Whole 30 even though I’m not its biggest fan! If you’re like me then why not add a couple of slices of cucumber and mint or strawberries and lime juice to it? I’ve sat in the sunshine with a glass of sparkling water over ice and strawberries and not felt although I was missing out on anything- a total 180 for me!

photo-4Breakfast consisted of the good-old scrambled egg and bacon with some avocado slices followed by a really tasty lunch of beetroot and walnut salad with added olives and homemade French dressing. For tea I branched out and tried something that I wasn’t 100% sure would turn out ok. I mixed almond flour (or ground almonds) with cayenne pepper, paprika and a couple of twists from my smoked chilli and garlic mill. Then I dipped the chicken in egg followed by a dip in the flour mixture and lightly fried in coconut oil until golden. Mr T had his in a tortilla wrap with hot sauce, I had mine on a bed of crisp ice-burgh lettuce leaf, mixed Italian leaves, sweet paper and avocado. This was so filling yet not bloating and was amazingly tasty.

photo 1At this point, remembering to take pictures of my meals is harder than following the plan! I started the day with one of my previous breakfasts of blueberry omelette with sliced avocado and a cup of Lady Grey. Lunch was a bowl of spicy butternut squash soup and mason jar fruit salad (sorry for lack of pic but I’m sure you can imagine a bowl of soup!). Wednesday night was beautiful so I quickly text Mr T to swap our food plan around- it was supposed to be burgers and skewers on friday but we had to take advantage of the sunshine! I nibbled on olives and sipped sparkling water with strawberries and a twist of lime in the sunshine while Mr T grilled away to his hearts content!

photo 2I loved breakfast today- it was the only meal I had planned and had everything for- the inspiration is posted below but I simply mashed a banana, whisked in 2 eggs and added 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon then scrambled it in a frying pan before adding a dollop of almond butter and enjoying! I was pushed for time in the morning and had totally overlooked making my lunch the night before! I quickly grabbed a bag of mixed leaves, sliced beetroot, sugarsnap peas and some ham- simple but tasty lunch! Because we decided to make chicken skewers the night before, we had no meat left for tea- Mr T made himself a cheese, bacon and egg wrap- totally not Whole 30! I didn’t panic and just had a nose on Pinterest instead- I tweaked this recipe using things I had in and it was rather tasty ( a little sweet but tasty)

photo 3Today I decided to use up left-overs seeing as it’s the end of the week. I started with a breakfast of bacon and eggs with avocado slices to finish off some open produce. For lunch I took the rest of my sweet potato quiche thing with a side salad and home- made French dressing. I was surprised to find that it was far more tasty cold than warm- I’ll be saving this for picnics in the future. I had a tea of chicken curry and cauliflower rice planned but friends invited us to their house for a BBQ so of course we went. I took some plain chicken drumsticks and steak as I knew most stuff would be in marinades and the burgers would have noncompliant ingredients- I really would rather have stake than a burger anyway! Whilst everyone was drinking, I was sipping ‘The Feel Good Drinks Co.’ lightly sparkling raspberry and passion fruit with a splash of sparkling water- refreshing.

Recipes I’ve tried, tweaked and loved!

Most of these recipes are Paleo but not Whole 30 friendly so beware! I simply took out the noncompliant ingredients and they still worked wonderfully!

Crispy chicken- Tastes of Lizzy Ts


Cinnamon bananas- Dizzy, Busy and Hungry 


Blueberry omelette- Stupid, Easy Paleo  


Banana and egg scramble- Sweet Success


UK available products

I have found that, unsurprisingly, most of the items listed in recipes are not available here in the UK so I thought I would share with any of my fellow  Pommie Whole 30′ ers a few items I’ve found useful and available here in the UK….

photo-5 photo-6 photo-7

The ‘Smoked chilli and garlic mill’ is from Marks and Spencer and is really useful for a adding a cheeky kick to a dressing or on top of sweet potatoes. The ‘Coconpure’ oil is now available in Sainsbury’s as is the Meridian almond butter. The coconut oils is great for frying things that you don’t want the taste over powering by EVOO and the almond butter makes a handy good fat source for pre/post work out snacks with sliced apple.

photo 5 photo 1

These products are all available in Asda and handy for picnics or lunch boxes (left picture) or as a time and mess saver (right picture). I used the soup mix to make lunch on Wednesday (day 8) and it was so easy and tasty, plus the packet only cost £1!!!

I’ve also discovered that some of ‘The Feel Good Drinks Co.’ bottles are compliant so if you’re heading to a BBQ this weekend and would like something other than water, these are perfect! This link will take you to the feature page on ASDA’s website for further information- they are currently only 79p!!!

Another tip is that some bottled Nando’s dipping sauces have sunflower oil in them but other than that they are totally Whole 30 compliant so if you’re out and about then Nando’s wouldn’t be the worst place to eat in- just check those ingredients first!

I’ll keep my eyes pealed for other UK alternatives to all of those US items we see so often.

I’m also trying hard not to step on those scales!!! I’ve resisted so far- have you?!

Until next Friday…

Mrs T xXx