Yep… I disappeared again!

Well, I started 2016 with the best of blogging intentions. I endeavoured to combine my teaching blog with my beloved personal blog, gave it a face lift and then walked away!

You see… I have had a very busy, stressful and tiring 7 months and despite all of my good intentions, I just never got back to my blogging bliss. Let me give you the run down of the last 7 months…..

Work- we started the Spring term with a bang! A new Head Teacher with lots of ideas does not an energetic, relaxed and thumb-twiddling teacher-blogger make! In truth, I was worn out and working my ass off just to keep my head above water- think ‘swan’ metaphor only my cool, calm exterior often slipped!

Then in February we discovered the most amazing news EVER!!!! Mr T and I are expecting the first Mini T to join our team this coming October. We found out quite early and now, at almost 7 months, I feel like it is the longest pregnancy known to woman! Add this news and new found definition of exhausted to the work related changes and you can begin to see why I struggled to keep connected to you guys.

To top this all off, we bought a beautiful, almost 200 year old house last year and whilst planning what decorating we needed to do before Mini T arrives, we discovered we not only needed new double glazing (can you hear the bank account weeping?) but that we have rising damp in most of the downstairs rooms- I wish this news was as funny as the TV show! So, even when I am home, organised, relaxed and feeling like I can possibly stay awake past 7:30pm, my time is taken up inspecting the latest work, cleaning up after said work or prepping for upcoming work! JOY!

Yes, I concede that this post does have a slight air of ‘moaning’ to it but I just wanted to let you know that…

sometimes life gets in the way of even the best of blogging intentions

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‘Twas the week before Christmas break….5 teacher tips and treats to see you through! Xx


5 ttt
Worn out? Check! 

‘Comfy’ clothes for school? Check!
Desk a mess? Check!
‘To-do’ list a mile long? Check!
Glitter in unmentionable places? Check!
In need of a spa day? Check!

This can only mean 1 thing……it must be the week before Christmas break!

Teacher-wellness at this time of year is very important so, in order to help you to take a moment for yourself and get into the festive spirit too I’ve complied a little list of teacher tips and treats…
School- have all cards, calendars and decorations made ready to be sent home at the end of the day to avoid that last minute panic!
Home- indulge in a minced pie whilst taking 5 minutes to enjoy the twinkling christmas lights on your tree.
Treat- Scholastic Voucher Codes and Discounts for December
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School- double check all assessments are done and get that data handed in (if you haven’t already) so you’re not sat on Thursday night still compiling it!
Home- take a hot bubble bath to some festive tunes!
Treat- Paperchase- Treat Me
School- colouring in is therapeutic- let the kids doodle away to some festive tunes while you make sure you’ve got any paper work ready for those who need it and you’ve got the photocopying done for the first day back in January- I know this seems early but you’ll thank me later!
Home- get in the festive mood with a Christmas film and a few chocolates!
Treat- Bodyshop- Voucher Cloud deals for December click here
School- take down the festive displays and get the boards backed ready for the first week- there’s nothing worse than realising you still have all of your festive stuff up when you just want to go home on the last day!
Home- Prep a tasty meal to have when you get in from work tomorrow- you deserve a feet up end to the Autumn term!
Treat- Dorothy Perkins- Voucher Cloud deals for December click here
School- let the kids watch a DVD and take some time to file any paper work, tidy your desk and do some general housekeeping- you will not be wanting to do this once the bell has gone- trust me!
Home- Glass of wine? Hot chocolate? You decide- it’s officially the holidays!!!!!! Celebrate!
Treat- Photobox- Hot UK Deals codes for December click here
And to help you stop getting snowed under and keep your Christmas cheer I’ve made a little checklist for you to use-

Have a wonderful last week of school- let’s make it a stress-free one!

Currently…October link-up

Wowzer- I’m getting good at this link-up thingy! i’m loving how easy it is to keep my blog up to date for all of you lovely readers and help to organise my thoughts and time in one fell swoop!

Life is getting a bit hectic at the minute for the Try-hards- we are about to complete on my mother’s house this Friday (those of you who have read my previous posts will know this has been a long, long time coming) and we had to spend all weekend cleaning and sorting the last of the bits out. I couldn’t have managed without my amazing husband who has kept me motivated and drove a total of 10 hours in 2 days over 2 round trips AND done numerous tip runs- what a man!!!! My family have been wonderful as usual and I was humbled to receive a picture of them mopping the floors while i was busy teaching my littlies today.

So whilst all of this is going on Mr T and I are also in the process of selling our own house and hoping to complete on our dream house by the end of the month- we don’t do things by halves!!! School work most definitely hasn’t taken a back seat as so much as a late- night time slot!

Keeping my life organised and focused is a challenge at the minute but things like this ‘Currently…’ link up with Farley are making my try-hard efforts much easier.

Lets take a look shall we… I am Slide1

Hum…. did anyone hear me mention that i got a Cath Kidston voucher for my Birthday? No…I didn’t think I’d mentioned it! MrT in all his awesomeness got me a voucher for my Birthday- lovely of him you may say…and indeed the email was!!! Yep you read that right… the EMAIL!!! Not only did I have nothing but the email to open on one of my most favourite days of the whole entire year but I also didn’t get my card until the next morning!!! I did, however, have an amazing, relaxing and very tasty day with my beloved husband so i can’t complain (too loudly!).

Anyway- enough about my treat… here is the one i promised you guys. Just click on the link in blue below and save to use as an extra spooktastic desktop for the Halloween week- here’s hoping it will keep me organised! Let me know how it works for you.


Treat Background

(Credit where credit is due- thanks to TeacherKarma and StripedElephants for their mega cute clip art)

How do you juggle all of your plates?

What do you prioritise?

Until the next blog (which at my current rate will be pretty soon!)

Mrs T Xx