Yep… I disappeared again!

Well, I started 2016 with the best of blogging intentions. I endeavoured to combine my teaching blog with my beloved personal blog, gave it a face lift and then walked away!

You see… I have had a very busy, stressful and tiring 7 months and despite all of my good intentions, I just never got back to my blogging bliss. Let me give you the run down of the last 7 months…..

Work- we started the Spring term with a bang! A new Head Teacher with lots of ideas does not an energetic, relaxed and thumb-twiddling teacher-blogger make! In truth, I was worn out and working my ass off just to keep my head above water- think ‘swan’ metaphor only my cool, calm exterior often slipped!

Then in February we discovered the most amazing news EVER!!!! Mr T and I are expecting the first Mini T to join our team this coming October. We found out quite early and now, at almost 7 months, I feel like it is the longest pregnancy known to woman! Add this news and new found definition of exhausted to the work related changes and you can begin to see why I struggled to keep connected to you guys.

To top this all off, we bought a beautiful, almost 200 year old house last year and whilst planning what decorating we needed to do before Mini T arrives, we discovered we not only needed new double glazing (can you hear the bank account weeping?) but that we have rising damp in most of the downstairs rooms- I wish this news was as funny as the TV show! So, even when I am home, organised, relaxed and feeling like I can possibly stay awake past 7:30pm, my time is taken up inspecting the latest work, cleaning up after said work or prepping for upcoming work! JOY!

Yes, I concede that this post does have a slight air of ‘moaning’ to it but I just wanted to let you know that…

sometimes life gets in the way of even the best of blogging intentions

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Whole 30 Success: Top 5 Tips

confessions of a try hard Whole 30I am currently half way through my second Whole 30 experience and I am loving it just as much as I knew I would- my energy levels are high, my skin is clear and smooth and I KNOW I’ve lost some weight too which is an added bonus.

I love that every day I am indulging in tasty, well prepared and ‘good’ meals but I know that this experience could all so easily have gone wrong.

This is my second Whole 30 but it is actually my 5th ‘go’ at it!

Thinking of starting Whole 30?

Don’t do what I did the last 3 times and buy the food only for it to rot away with my good intentions in the veg draw!

Follow these 5 simple steps to Whole30 success…
confessions of a try hard Whole 30This sounds simple, like duh, but in the run up to my previous 3 attempts I failed to really look at the events already planned in my diary. Don’t get me wrong, you still have a life on Whole 30 and it’s quite easy to eat out whilst doing it but unlike my previous 3 attempts, this time I don’t have anything where I will be out all day with no options in front of me. Look for periods of time where you are not on lots of training courses, at weddings or away for a weekend. You want to be able to relax on Whole 30 and not stress searching menus or turning down delicious meals for an empty tummy. Make sure you start your Whole 30 during a quiet period of time where, for the majority of the 30 days, you can take control of your eating and meal planning without feeling although you are missing out.
confessions of a try hard Whole 30Pinterest is my Whole 30 heaven!!!!! I love getting new ideas for recipes to try out and taste sensations to experiment with! Just be careful to read the ingredients lists carefully- many recipes which pop up on Whole 30 Pinterest searches are, in-fact, Paleo and need some adjusting to be Whole 30 friendly but don’t let that put you off- usually with a tweak or 2 they can be totally compliant and yummy! Instagram has some excellent visuals and links to blog post- check out the hashtag #whole30.
confessions of a try hard Whole 30Make time to plan, cook and enjoy your food! Once I’ve gathered all of my inspiration I like to sit and think about the week ahead and what meals will suit which days. I make sure I am up in plenty of time to have my breakfast because banana and egg scramble takes longer to prep and cook than toast! Being up that little bit earlier also means I get to curl up with a cuppa (no milk of course) and enjoy my breakfast rather than shoving it in my gob whilst I do 6 other things!! The same goes for the other meals- because they’re all made from scratch then I like to make sure I start in plenty of time so that I can enjoy the cooking process and still eat at a reasonable time. The key, I think, is to not rush. When you rush you make bad choices and that’s when Whole 30 fails!
confessions of a try hard Whole 30Yep, I love a list. I list the recipes I want to try, I list the weekly meal schedule, I list the things I have, I list the things I need to buy…. failing to prepare is preparing to fail after all!!!

Please promise me you won’t head to the shops without your list- please!!!! If I walked into the supermarket with no list then my eyes would start to wonder but with list in hand, I’m focused and on task and much, much less likely to stray!

For a basic Whole 30 shopping list, click here to download it from the official site.

confessions of a try hard Whole 30Yes the chances are you will loose weight along the way but I strongly suggest that you don’t make this the sole reason for doing a Whole 30. If you do then you be come a scales-addict and that isn’t good for anyone….you’ll become discouraged, loose sight of the other positives and most likely give up!

Do Whole 30 because you want to refocus your eating habits, explore making better food choices, find alternatives to the food which makes you sluggish and bloated and because you want to fall in love with food again- NOT because you just want to loose weight- Whole 30 is so much more than that!

Check out this blog post to follow my first Whole 30 journey and gather some ideas and inspiration.

I’ve tried hard to make excellent eating choices and some yummy meals this past week and I feel fantastic!

Join me this Friday for my Whole 30 Winter Warmer Soup!

Until then…

Mrs T Xx

The Long Distance Friendship Problem


So, I’ve got plenty of friends, IRL friends I mean not just people who have clicked a box on a website or app. If you’ve read any of my previous posts then you will already know that there is a little circle of ‘girlies’ whom I love to keep up to date with over a cuppa and a slice of cake (such a meeting took place on Monday!) and I am lucky enough to have some lovely co-workers who I count as dear friends too. Outside of these central groups I have my bestest friends in the whole wide world- my cousins!

But then there is Clare. Clare and I lived together for a year, one of the hardest years of both of our lives. We were training to be teachers and both found ourselves newly single. We laughed, we cried, we sang and we cooked together for 1 whole year and then she moved back to Ireland.

 I can totally be myself with Clare, I know nothing I say will sound too rediculous to her and my singing is always, always a rival for Beyoncé in her eyes!!! The problem with a ‘Uni’ friend comes in the years after. You move back home, you carry on with your life, grow up (a bit), take on responsibilities at work, get married, buy houses and have less and less time to chit- chat on the phone. Despite this Clare and I have remained friends- we’ve spent a couple of NYE together, been to a festival together, slobbed around watching TV together and even scrubbed up well together to be a bride and bridesmaid but in the last couple of years our friendship has mainly existed on Facebook. Until today…

I’m currently on the train to London to spend a couple of days being a tourist with my Clare. I can’t wait!!!! Even the gloom and downpours scheduled for tomorrow won’t put a dampener on our plans. It’s Wicked tonight and then general sight-seeing tomorrow! I can’t wait!

Like all ‘long distance’ relationships it’s effort that is needed. I’ll be honest, in the last year I’ve not made much effort, between selling my childhood home, moving house myself and general work stresses, I’ve just not had the energy to make the effort but something’s changed. Something has given me a push. The online teaching community.

Last year, around Christmas, things in work took a slump. People whom I thought were friends masks slipped, I didn’t feel comfortable around them anymore and the whole atmosphere in the staffroom changed. I ate lunch in my classroom so not to be around the whispering and hushed conversations, avoided asking for things I really needed so not to be accused of being demanding and generally sunk into myself. Don’t get me wrong, I have some amazing friends in work whom I cherish but they too were feeling the gloom!!! Unable to pull myself out of it, I looked elsewhere for support and somehow bumped into the world of Instagram teachers. Brimming over with positivity, encouragement and inspiration I finally felt the clouds shifting. I was inspired to change things in my classroom, refresh my teaching and change my outlook. I began a teaching blog too ( and I love it!!!

Most of my ‘virtual’ friends are American and the community they have created is a comfortable, friendly, funny and inspiring one! Unlike most UK educational blogs, my US friends have a chatty feel to them. I can come home, read about their days, catch a glimps inside their classrooms, see resources they’ve found useful and feel like their equal. It’s turned things around for me and I know many others too. I’ve found my tribe!

You see, many of these online teachers have also become friends IRL. They host yearly meet-ups, periscope, email and Google Hangout together. And, believe it or not, I’m not only meeting my longtime friend Clare in London but a new friend too. I’m off for lunch with Myranda the blogger behind Keep Calm and Teach 5th Grade. She visits London every year to help at a summer camp so knows the city better than I do! We’ve supported eachother through blog link-ups, give aways and general Instagram pics but today we get to drink cuppas and plan future greatness to come!! We hope to continue our intercontinental support of eachother through some joint online ventures so watch this space!!!

Obviously the same long distance challenges face us too- effort!!! The difference is our friendship is a public one- the pressure is on to make the effort since it’s posted on Instagram and our blogs- we have to deliver!

Thanks to my friends and their endless cups of tea, hugs, texts and blog post over the last school year, I’ve managed to turn things around. 2014-15 was a marked improvement from the gloom and doom of the previous school year and I’m heading into 2015-16 with a positive, can-do attitude and tons of inspiration! How about you?

How do you nurture long distance friendships?

Have you ever needed a friend to lift you out of a slump?

I’m going to try hard to keep my friendships strong and make a big effort to keep in touch…

Let’s see how it goes!

Mrs T Xx

Whole 30 and DONE! 

  For the past 4 weeks I’ve been sharing with you my Whole 30 journey- I’m writing this post 4 days short of finishing for real but lunch today will be my last supper so to speak. I am currently on the train on my way back home to my family for my cousin’s 30th birthday celebrations. The food was preordered a couple of months ago and I’m looking forward to relaxing in the company of my best friends and having a good giggle!  

 It’s not for the drink or the food that I’m stopping my Whole 30 dedication today, it’s the ‘no pressure’ feeling. I managed on my friend’s Hendo and at a christening without drinking or eating anything other than Whole 30 compliant foods but I had to focus and think carefully and tbh, tonight I don’t want to have to think! I’m allowing myself a break I’m ok with that. I intend on finishing up my Whole 30 on the 2nd July as always but because of tonight, I’m viewing this morning as my last ‘pure Whole 30’ meal. I’ve loved my Whole 30 journey and there are many, many things I intend to keep making and eating as the weeks go by- I’m not suddenly stopping and going back to my old habits and I think that was my ultimate prize- a total change in attitude and taste! 

Another thing I’m going to keep going is my ‘ask if they can…’attitude. Yesterday I had a bit of a wait for my bus and it was warm and sticky out. I needed a drink but Costa was the only place open- I didn’t want a hot drink so looked at their coolers menu- I really fancied an ice-tea but figured it might have added sugar so I asked! Rather than making it with the syrup in, the lady offered to make it for me without and add slices of lemon- amazing! I didn’t even ask if they could- she simply offered!   

Along this journey I found people to be amazingly supportive and helpful. My husband and friends have totally understood what and why I’m doing this and haven’t made a big deal of it- my lovely teaching BFF still make me a cuppa but doesn’t even think twice now- she knows I’m not having milk! People out and about have been very accommodating too- read my last post to find out more. 

As if I needed anymore inspiration to keep my new found ways going- I jumped onto the scales this morning- 14 1/2 pounds lighter!!! That’s just over a stone people!!!!!!! I also struck a pose and snapped a selfie…   

 I know I’ve still got some way to go but I can actually see the curve above my bottom and into my back now and I look more like 3 months preggers not 6!!!!! Bonus!!! Apart from the weight loss my other positives are that my usually dry skin is smooth and clear, I have much more energy, I never feel sluggish or bloated and I’ve been sleeping soundly every night- why wouldn’t I continue? 

Some of the meals I am most certainly going to keep going are..

Breakfast no more toast and marmalade-   

This is my new go-to and I love it! 

Lunch I am most certainly not falling back into my school dinners routine of the past-    

  Amazing salad or left overs are my new lunch box staples. 

Tea even Mr T has enjoyed these yummy eats- 


To see my full meal plans and links to recipes click here and here.

So, this is it guys, my last post as a Whole 30’er but be sure to check back because I’m going to try hard to keep my new-found eating habits up and I’ll be sure to let you know how it’s going!

Have you just finished a Whole 30?

How have you found eating post ’30? 

I’d love to know…

Catch you soon

Mrs T Xx

Half- way to Christmas Day!

We’re half way there guys!! I adore Christmas! It still holds the magic and excitement of my childhood and every year I try to out do the Christmasiness of the last. In previous posts I’ve talked about my nostalgic, sentimental self and my need to hold onto things and I’ve talked about my love of all things home-made and local so in this ‘half- way’ post, I want to share with you some of my favourite home-made and local finds of Christmases past so you can plan ahead for your very own easy peasy home- made Christmas! 

Home Made Gifts image-14 copy

Orange and Carrot Marmalade

A couple of years ago I ventured, tentatively, into the world of preserves. I blogged all about this yummy carrot and orange chutney here. Unlike ‘real’ marmalade, I needed none of the expensive paraphernalia or experience (or even common sense) to make this scrummy preserve. I decanted it into small Kilner jars and made these cute labels using a Kirsty Allsopp stamp set. I added them to a small wicker basket with some water biscuits and strong, local cheese and gifted them to some co-workers with a nice bottle of red wine.

Pedicure Set

A perfect ‘home enhanced’ gift for my girlie friends was a mini-pedicure set. I popped a sparkly nail varnish, toe spacers and foot scrub inside a jar. I downloaded the ‘For your Mistle Toes’ tags from this website and tied it around the jar- simple, thoughtful and not like all of the other Boots gift sets swimming around at Christmas time, plus I love the humour of the tag!

Sugar Scrub

As you may have guessed, if I can’t totally home make something then I like to, as I term scrub jarsit, home enhance it! A perfect example of this was a pamper set I put together for my aunties one year. Along with locally made and natural soaps and bath oils, I made them each a jar of vanilla and brown sugar body scrub. It was so easy that it felt as though I was cheating! If you would like to have a go then the recipe I used can be found here. I really recommend trying this as a home-made starter project or with children as it is very easy, cheap and effective. It smells yummy and you can add a cute tag to really set it apart from the shop-bought gifts!

Decorations and gift-wrap

When it comes to gift wrap, I’m a brown paper and butchers string kinda gal! Yet, whilst I love the simplicity of brown paper, I also love to add a little christmas cheer to each gift. I often buy tree ornaments which I love but won’t fit with my tree theme to embellish gifts with or wrap the raffia in a fancy style. 

 One year I decided to buy a block of Das clay and cut out stars and tree shapes. I then pushed a little whole in the top of them and used a holly stamp to push a pattern into the Das before leaving it to air-dry. I intended to paint them gold but once they had dried, I decided I like the white and so left them. When I wrapped a gift I simply added a star or tree onto the ribbon. I also cut larger ones out and used a clay tool to scratch the date and my niece and nephew’s names into the back of them so that after their gifts were opened, they could keep them as tree decorations. Simple, cheep and, of course, home made. This is another easy home- made christmas project I recommend doing with little ones.

I love wrapping gifts! Sad I know! I love making simple gifts look special and I adore the way the presents look under the tree but one thing I hate doing is writing gift tags! I always end up scribbling the same boring message on every tag and my handwriting just gets worse as the wrapping goes on! Bring in…..THE STAMP!stamp By far one of THE best things I have ever bought! All I do now is buy brown or cream luggage tags and stamp away! Then on the other side I simply write the name of the recipient. Over at The English Stamp Company website you can choose from a range of predesigns or select a custom option. This is what I did. You can select from 9 fonts and 8 boarders as well as typing your own text. I opted for ‘Ho,ho, ho! Merry Christmas! With love from the ‘Try-hard’ family XxX’ this way, as our family dynamics change, our stamp won’t have to! This simple solution cost about £18ish and lets me add that personal, home- made touch I so love to all of my gifts without getting hand cramp!

Baked Goods

Every Christmas Eve we have an ‘open-house’ where our friends and family pop in for a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine. Every year I like to bake a treat for them too. Often it is a little pack of gingerbread men (you can’t beat the smell!) but sometimes I like to whip up some cup-cakes. A lovely friend of mine from secondary school has her own business making printed editable icing sheets and I chose to purchase a set of cake toppers and a whole sheet print from her.icing sheet

They added a festive look to otherwise normal cupcakes and I got to support a smallicing closeup business. I chose to cut  triangles from the full-print sheet and arranged them to look like bunting- I think they look almost too cute to eat! Take a look at Fleur’s huge catalogue of printed icing here.

This Year I am loving this easy- to- home- enhance candle idea from The Suburban Mom  DIY-Christmas-Candles neighbor gifts 001Such a simple yet special gift I am planning on giving this year is the sent of Christmas. You can find the instructions I plan on following here. Danyelle gave them to her neighbours but I’m thinking of having them as my take-home gift at this years open-house.

I’m going to try- hard to be organised this year- good planing and plenty of time are the keys to a home-made Christmas!

Let me know if you try any of the things in this post. Check back in October (and of course before!) for my series of ‘How to’ Christmas posts.

Util next time…

Mrs T Xx

Whole 30 and Me: Surviving!

W30SurvivingSo this week has been a little more challenging let me tell you!!! I’ve never intended to make my Whole 30 blog journey a rosy and wonderful one. My intention has always been to show you the draw full of junk as well as the beautifully tidy living room, so to speak.

In this post I want to share with you some of my struggles and ways I have tried hard to overcome them. I’ve also included some meal high-lights and a couple more Whole 30 UK availble produces.

My struggle

I’m at the point where the novelty has worn off and ‘Whole 30’ ways are just becoming the norm- this is amazing, yes, but kind of deflating at the same time. In the first couple of weeks it was the excitement that kept me going so what is there to drive me now the lustre has worn off?

As I walked around the supermarket on Monday it was the first time during my Whole 30 that I was jealous. Jealous of all the muffins, cheese, lattes, wine and croissants in other peoples baskets! I was so jealous that I could have wept….but I didn’t. What I did do was look down at my weeks meal plan, which we were using as our shopping list, and thought about the food on there. I realised that there wasn’t one meal in my plan that I would sooner swap for a muffin or some cheese (the wine is another story!) and that’s the key to Whole 30 for me- yummy food!

That moment in the supermarket has been the only moment so far, and I include the Hendo and Christening I was at over the weekend, where I have faultered. When I stopped and reflected I realised that, yeah sure some of my normal meals are pretty scrummy but so too are my Whole 30 ones so what is there to be jeleous about?

It was bizarre to me that my green-eyed moment struck on Monday and not on Saturday or Sunday when I was surrounded by people eating and drinking away to their hearts content! I was at one of my best friend’s Hendo on Saturday and there was Prosecco  flowing and sandwiches galour- did I ‘cheat’? Did I heck! I stuck to glasses of sparkling water and asked, yes ASKED, if I could just have some ham and salad because I couldn’t have the bread. Out they came with a platter and I was in Whole 30 heaven right there! The book tells you to ask about things but I thought I would just be a ‘shut up and put up’ type but I plucked up the courage with super results- no one even batted and eye at my request.

I carried on my new found forwardness when we moved onto a cocktail bar- I perused the ‘virgin’ list and spotted one I liked the sound of but it had cranberry juice in it and I was sure it would have added sugar so I simply asked to see all if the fruit juice cartons and the Barman obliged! Sure enough I was right so I asked if he could replace it with pineapple juice instead- again it was no biggy!IMG_9881I know drinking fruit juice, whilst still compliant, isn’t recommended but there is only so much sparkling water a girl can take! Plus, other than tap water, it was the best possible choice- I’m rather proud of myself!

After Saturday night, Sunday was easy! One of my BFFs was at the Christening too along with her growing bump so I wasn’t alone in my soda water drinking! The challenge came when the Buffett opened as there was gorgeous looking quiche, sandwiches and cakes strew across the table but I happily filled my plate with cold-cuts of meat and a crunchy salad- I also packed a ‘Naked’ bar in my bag so that I was prepared just incase there wasn’t anything I could have- I was a Girl Guide you know!

As the week has gone on I have begun to embrace my feeling of familiarity and I’m viewing it as something to be celebrated, after all- you can flirt and giggle with anyone but it’s the one you can slob around in your pjs, feeling utterly comfortable and at home with that’s the keeper!

Meal run-down

Meals this week have mostly been dishes I’ve blogged about in previous posts so I’ve just taken pics and will include a brief description. (Click here and here to get more info)

Tea was a lovely chicken Jalfrezi using a shop bought spice mix (more details below) and my very first attempt at cauliflower rice- yummy and sooooo easy!

IMG_9976We enjoyed this Jerk chicken, sweet potato wedges and grilled pineapple all over again!

photo 1

Mr T whipped up yet another scrumptious kidney-bean-less chilli and I enjoyed some more cauliflower rice.

This meal was all Mr T! He has an obsession with burgers covered in chilli ever since we had it in a brewery in Providence RI a few years ago- the egg and wedges just added the finishing touches- scrumptious! IMG_9975


This is crispy chicken is now a firm favourite- read last weeks post for the original recipe and how I tweaked it.

UK available products 

I stumbled across this drink in M&S tonight whilst Mr T was picking out some bottles of IPA- I’m a dab hand at reading the labels now and just when I thought there was nothing for me I discovered this and I think it looks rather special, don’t you? IMG_9969

IMG_9970Another member of the ‘Feel Good Drinks Company’ came to my rescue when I was making my packed lunch for a school trip this week-

They are non- alcoholic and totally Whole 30 compliant- super handy and yummy!

I mentioned earlier that I had packed a ‘Naked’ bar just incase- photo-2 copyThey are handy if your having a busy day but as Whole 30 advocates less snacking then they should be kept to a minimum. There are loads of different bars and treats in this range but not many are compliant so MAKE SURE YOU READ THE LABLES!!

With only 12 more days to go I’m trying hard to focus on the feel-good side of this journey and not let the green-eyed monster get the better of me!

How’s your journey going?

What pitfalls have you tried hard to avoid?

Until next week…

Mrs T Xx

Whole 30 and Me: 2 Fridays down…

day 11

11 days in and I am loving it! I have eaten some awesome meals and haven’t felt bloated, stuffed or sluggish at all. In my last post, you might recall, I said it had taken until day 4 to feel satisfied between meals- the feeling of satisfaction is well and truly here to stay. I’ve felt no real desire to snack between meals and even my break time nuts have been knocked on the head.

In the rest of the post you will find-

1. A run down of my meals from day 5- day 11

2. Links to some recipes I have tweaked and tried

3. Some products which are Whole 30 compliant and available in the U.K.

My Meals

photo 4It was Mr T’s birthday so we had a lazy morning and didn’t sit down for breakfast until 10am- it was worth the wait! It felt like a massive treat but was totally Whole 30 A-OK! Love it! Since we ate late, I didn’t fancy much for lunch and we were going out shopping (for a drill, oh joy!) so I planned ahead and popped a ‘yo,yo’ in my bag along with a drink and some fruit- I will admit that I was ready for my tea when we got in though! Tea was chilli without the kidney beans and sweet potato wedges- scrumptious! I also took advantage of it being the weekend to make some cinnamon bananas- Mr T ate most of them but I had to try one just to check how tasty they were! I discounted the sugar and added a dash of ginger. Fried in coconut oil, these were delicious!photo 2-2I woke up on Sunday morning to no eggs and no bacon- Mr T had scoffed the lot! I resigned myself to a fruit salad in the garden while he headed to to gym and then the shop. I hung on until about 11:30 and could take it no longer so I decided to switch the day around- my parma ham. olive, beetroot and sugar snap pea salad with balsamic dressing was divine!!!! Seriously…..if there is one salad you try during Whole 30- this should be it!!! Ahmazing! I spotted the blueberry omelette on Pinterest and decided to give it a try when Mr T arrived home, in place of my lunch- another tasty treat! The cooked blueberries give of the slightest hint of sweetness which, if you’re having a craving is a perfect way to satisfy it as part of a meal rather than a snack. For tea Mr T made a gorgeous cottage pie with green beans rather than peas and a sweet potato topping.

photo 1-2Monday’s meals were perfect for a busy day- I started off with a delicious spinach and sweet pepper omelette wrapped in ham plus a cup of my new favourite Lady Grey tea. The rest of the day was leftovers- chilli for lunch and cottage pie for tea with extra veg. I’ve been drinking lots of water over the course of my Whole 30 even though I’m not its biggest fan! If you’re like me then why not add a couple of slices of cucumber and mint or strawberries and lime juice to it? I’ve sat in the sunshine with a glass of sparkling water over ice and strawberries and not felt although I was missing out on anything- a total 180 for me!

photo-4Breakfast consisted of the good-old scrambled egg and bacon with some avocado slices followed by a really tasty lunch of beetroot and walnut salad with added olives and homemade French dressing. For tea I branched out and tried something that I wasn’t 100% sure would turn out ok. I mixed almond flour (or ground almonds) with cayenne pepper, paprika and a couple of twists from my smoked chilli and garlic mill. Then I dipped the chicken in egg followed by a dip in the flour mixture and lightly fried in coconut oil until golden. Mr T had his in a tortilla wrap with hot sauce, I had mine on a bed of crisp ice-burgh lettuce leaf, mixed Italian leaves, sweet paper and avocado. This was so filling yet not bloating and was amazingly tasty.

photo 1At this point, remembering to take pictures of my meals is harder than following the plan! I started the day with one of my previous breakfasts of blueberry omelette with sliced avocado and a cup of Lady Grey. Lunch was a bowl of spicy butternut squash soup and mason jar fruit salad (sorry for lack of pic but I’m sure you can imagine a bowl of soup!). Wednesday night was beautiful so I quickly text Mr T to swap our food plan around- it was supposed to be burgers and skewers on friday but we had to take advantage of the sunshine! I nibbled on olives and sipped sparkling water with strawberries and a twist of lime in the sunshine while Mr T grilled away to his hearts content!

photo 2I loved breakfast today- it was the only meal I had planned and had everything for- the inspiration is posted below but I simply mashed a banana, whisked in 2 eggs and added 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon then scrambled it in a frying pan before adding a dollop of almond butter and enjoying! I was pushed for time in the morning and had totally overlooked making my lunch the night before! I quickly grabbed a bag of mixed leaves, sliced beetroot, sugarsnap peas and some ham- simple but tasty lunch! Because we decided to make chicken skewers the night before, we had no meat left for tea- Mr T made himself a cheese, bacon and egg wrap- totally not Whole 30! I didn’t panic and just had a nose on Pinterest instead- I tweaked this recipe using things I had in and it was rather tasty ( a little sweet but tasty)

photo 3Today I decided to use up left-overs seeing as it’s the end of the week. I started with a breakfast of bacon and eggs with avocado slices to finish off some open produce. For lunch I took the rest of my sweet potato quiche thing with a side salad and home- made French dressing. I was surprised to find that it was far more tasty cold than warm- I’ll be saving this for picnics in the future. I had a tea of chicken curry and cauliflower rice planned but friends invited us to their house for a BBQ so of course we went. I took some plain chicken drumsticks and steak as I knew most stuff would be in marinades and the burgers would have noncompliant ingredients- I really would rather have stake than a burger anyway! Whilst everyone was drinking, I was sipping ‘The Feel Good Drinks Co.’ lightly sparkling raspberry and passion fruit with a splash of sparkling water- refreshing.

Recipes I’ve tried, tweaked and loved!

Most of these recipes are Paleo but not Whole 30 friendly so beware! I simply took out the noncompliant ingredients and they still worked wonderfully!

Crispy chicken- Tastes of Lizzy Ts


Cinnamon bananas- Dizzy, Busy and Hungry 


Blueberry omelette- Stupid, Easy Paleo  


Banana and egg scramble- Sweet Success


UK available products

I have found that, unsurprisingly, most of the items listed in recipes are not available here in the UK so I thought I would share with any of my fellow  Pommie Whole 30′ ers a few items I’ve found useful and available here in the UK….

photo-5 photo-6 photo-7

The ‘Smoked chilli and garlic mill’ is from Marks and Spencer and is really useful for a adding a cheeky kick to a dressing or on top of sweet potatoes. The ‘Coconpure’ oil is now available in Sainsbury’s as is the Meridian almond butter. The coconut oils is great for frying things that you don’t want the taste over powering by EVOO and the almond butter makes a handy good fat source for pre/post work out snacks with sliced apple.

photo 5 photo 1

These products are all available in Asda and handy for picnics or lunch boxes (left picture) or as a time and mess saver (right picture). I used the soup mix to make lunch on Wednesday (day 8) and it was so easy and tasty, plus the packet only cost £1!!!

I’ve also discovered that some of ‘The Feel Good Drinks Co.’ bottles are compliant so if you’re heading to a BBQ this weekend and would like something other than water, these are perfect! This link will take you to the feature page on ASDA’s website for further information- they are currently only 79p!!!

Another tip is that some bottled Nando’s dipping sauces have sunflower oil in them but other than that they are totally Whole 30 compliant so if you’re out and about then Nando’s wouldn’t be the worst place to eat in- just check those ingredients first!

I’ll keep my eyes pealed for other UK alternatives to all of those US items we see so often.

I’m also trying hard not to step on those scales!!! I’ve resisted so far- have you?!

Until next Friday…

Mrs T xXx