Things that boil my blood (and eggs)


Grab a cuppa….we could be here a while!

I should tell you now that this post includes a recipe for some delicious baked eggs, if you would like to skip my moaning and jump straight to the food (I wouldn’t hold a grudge) then click here to go to the lovely Rachel Khoo’s original recipe.

Now, you know me, I’m not one to moan BUT….!

Having been on a rather long journey towards motherhood I’ve managed to tot up a disturbing number of gripes about the subject before, during and after my eggs have finished baking (tenuous food link!).

So, Mr T and I have been married for 8 years this May and have just welcomed our first little bundle of joy, Little Miss T joined us in October and (just FYI) was conceived completely naturally dispite the fact we have been a child-less, married couple for quite a few years.

This childlessness was partly by design and partly due to nature.

My mother passed away (you will know the details from previous posts) the same year that Mr T and I got married. This left us with a huge amount of healing to do but also with a house to sort (hoarder!) and sell on- it eventually took almost 5 years to get through (the house that is) and was such a tiring  process that the thought of going through it pregnant/ with a young baby was hard to contemplate and so we kept putting starting a family off until the house was sold despite half-heartedly trying from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, if it had happened for us during this time then we would have been over the moon but it just didn’t.

Even once this obstical was out of the way, making the final decsision to whole-hartedly commit to staring a family took us some time. We love holidays and socialising so we spent a while giving it a go and then when it didn’t happen we just went on holiday and thought ‘oh well, at least we can drink and spend whatever we want without a worry’.

This all changed New Year 2015. We were in Las Vegas living the highlife, sipping beer at 9am whilst popping dollars into the BlackJack machines and we both agreed, that whilst living said highlife was mucho fun, we both wanted more and so Little Miss T’s journey into this world began and my long list of annoying comments began to grow! Continue reading


Music to my ears!

‘If music be the food of love, play on’  or something like that… here is my response to the weekly writing challenge anyway-

Last year for Christmas I bought my dad a personalised print from Not On The High Street. It featured 16 black and white prints of cassette tapes and you could have the name and title of a song printed on each label strip to create a ‘playlist’. I relished the challenge of narrowing it down to just 16 songs I had created shared memories to with my Pappa.

You see, my dad left my mother and I when I was 2 1/2 and whilst he has made many decisions in his life I don’t like, his taste in music is something I love and an area we could truly bond over. Amongst some of the tracks I chose were Chris Rea’s ‘I’m gonna buy a hat’ and Warren Zevon’s  ‘Werewolves of London’- classic cruising in the car songs I loved to sing along to when I was a tot!

Music has always been a big element of my life and, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a big sentimentalist! I love the way music can bring people together, transport you back to the moment something happened or make you cry with laughter or sorrow at the memories they conjure.

The song we played at my mum’s funeral for example, always makes me cry and smile at the same time as, whilst it reminds me she is no longer here, it takes me right back to our kitchen listening to her singing along to it on the radio- priceless!

I hope my children can be reminded of wonderful memories and moments we create together just by hearing a few chords of a familiar song in the same way I am with my parents.

They might not always be around but the memories never go away…just fade around the edges slightly until you’re left with a cosy, warm glow!

What relationship do you enjoy with music? What is your favourite song?

Happy listening

Mrs T x